By Roger Stone The only thing worse than the survival of Nevada Senator Harry Reid on election night was seeing serial criminal and abuser of women Eliot Spitzer opining on election results for CNN. Make no mistake about it; if Spitzer was a Republican he's be making license plates at an upstate New York prison. Spitzer violated the Mann Act, that is, taking a woman across five state lines for the purposes of prostitution. When a Republican New York Supreme Court justice did the same thing in 2009 he was prosecuted and sent to prison. Why does Spitzer walk the streets? Don't look for the answer in "Client #9," a movie by Academy Award winner Alex Gibney which opened in New York last week. The film is beautifully made and scored. Unfortunately it is revisionist history at its worst. Spitzer, according to Gibney, was taken down by a right-wing plot funded by big Wall Street businessmen, not his own hypocritical tastes for call girls at night while he was pushing tougher penalties for johns who use hookers by day. The problem is Gibney offers not one iota of proof for his lefty conspiracy theory. In fact the supposed funder of the "plot to get Spitzer", Ken Langone, denies it on camera. I know. I was there and I have a cameo in the movie. Gibney even produces a high falllutin law professor who says the johns never get prosecuted. Funny, that New York Supreme Court Justice who is still in stir doesn't get mentioned. The judge got nabbed in 2009. Spitzer walked in 2008. Professor are you awake, or did Gibney script your lines for you? Gibney touches on the pre-hooker scandal in which Spitzer used the New York State Police to spy on his political opponents. A partisan hit-job, says Gibney who never gets around to mentioning that the investigation and scathing report on the scandal was conducted by Democrat Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and that several Spitzer aids took the fall and were fined even thought there was stone-cold testimony that Spitzer himself OKed the dirty tricks plan to fabricate State Police Documents and leak them to discredit his opponents. And then there is the troubling issue of the black socks which Spitzer most definitely liked to romp in with his $2000 a hour prostitutes. In his largely fictionalized movie, Gibney utilizes an actress to assert that Spitzer never wore droopy black socks in his romps with prostitutes. Supposedly the actress is mouthing the denial of a real life call-girl, "'Angelique" that Gibney declines to identify by her real name. That's because there is no "Angelique" willing to put their name on this lie. Gibney is not a journalist; he's a left-wing propagandist with the same disregard for facts as Oliver Stone. He couldn't find a source so he invented one. Spitzer's black sock fetish was previously confirmed by The New York Post on April 24, 2008, when an FBI source confirmed the New York Democrat's passion for knee-high hosiery, which he declined to remove while engaging in paid-for sex. Gibney also ignored this fact in his well-made-but-false movie. Only last week The New York Post reported "Irma Nici, an ex-call girl said Eliot Spitzer couldn't last as long in bed as his one-hour CNN show. "It was 45 minutes at most, and that would include undressing." She also said the ex-governor didn't always wear his infamous black socks during sex. "Sometimes he would come over in jeans, a baseball cap, and sometimes wore white gym socks," she said. "He would hardly undress, he would keep the hat and the socks on and just go."Gee, no lawsuit by Spitzer against Nici. Truth is defense. Spitzer tells us his romp with New Jersey girl Ashley Dupree was a one time thing. This liar was seeing call girls three times a week and liked to choke them without warning, according to what one girl, Rebecca, told the New York Daily News. Gibney doesn't see though this Spitzer whopper either. Gibney castigates US Attorney Michael Garcia for driving Spitzer from office over his betrayal of the public trust. Gibney got that one wrong too. Garcia should be castigated - for not prosecuting Spitzer for Federal money laundering charges and violation of the Mann Act. If the Spitzer story has a scandal, that is it. This creep belongs in prison. Garcia failed to do his duty.
NOTE- There is a companion book to the movie Client #9, Rough Justice by Spitzer sycophant Peter Elkind. If you find yourself in the loo and run out of toilet paper, this book is appropriate for the use. It is a compendium of fiction and fawning for Spitzer. Its many falsehoods are too long to be recounted