Marco Rubio may be the hottest property in the GOP, able to bridge the Tea Party and the Republican Establishment. Rubio nearly achieved 50% in a three way race which few gave him a chance to win when he entered the lists against "unbeatable" Governor Charlie Crist. Indeed, some in the Rubio camp wanted him to abandon the race and run for Attorney General, an office Bill McCollum was leaving to take a sure-thing Republican nomination for Governor. That's until Republican millionaire and reformer Rick Scott showed up. Other than himself ,no one contributed more to a Rubio victory than Charlie Crist , who came to believe in his own invinciblity. Crist could have walked to a second term a Governor. Instead he finishes as a man no one trusts, without a party, without core convictions and , worst from Crist's point of view, no public office.