By Roger Stone Every November 22nd brings a wave of new conspiracy theories regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Indeed, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura airs a TV special this week claiming George H.W. Bush was involved in the conspiracy to kill JFK- ludicrous in view of the fact that Bush was not yet a Congressman or CIA Director and was just of the verge of losing his first US Senate race in 1964. Real power alluded Bush until Nixon sent him to the CIA and significant power illuded him until Reagan selected him for Vice President in 1980. We don't know who did murder Kennedy. We have pretty well established it was not Lee Harvey Oswald. We have also established that it certainly was not Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone. The Government-sponsored version in the Warren Commission requires there to be three shots fired. Given the time sequence, a fourth bullet requires a second shooter- and therefore a conspiracy. Thus Arlen Specter's contorted single-bullet theory in which a single bullet changes direction and strikes both JFK and Governor John Connally. JFK assassination theories have spawned a cottage industry but a handful of facts can be sifted out and make it pretty clear that when Oswald yelled "I'm a Patsy" he wasn't kidding.
  • Eye-witnesses put Oswald in the Cafeteria of the Texas Schoolbook Depository at the precise time the first shot hit JFK.
  • Five separate witnesses swore affidavits that they saw a rifle barrel and a puff of smoke above a fence near the famous grassy knoll. One of the five testifies he saw a man remove a rifle bag from a station-wagon bearing a Goldwater bumper sticker (!), remove the carbine and fire over the fence. All five witnesses die mysteriously within a year of their sworn testimony.
  • A telex sent to J. Edgar Hoover from the FBI's Dallas office identifying Oswald as the shooter is time stamped two minutes prior to the actual shooting and prior to the identification of Oswald.
  • Someone identifying himself as Lee Oswald approached several air-charter services at Red Bird Field, a private airport to inquire about renting a private plane for a future flight to the caribbean in the days prior to the Kennedy murder. Shown Oswald's photo by FBI agents, all say that the man in the photo is not the man who approached them.
  • The carbine recovered from the Book Depository and held aloft by a Dallas police officer in an iconic wire photo is not of the make or type the Warren Commission said was used to kill Kennedy.
  • Numerous witnesses who gave statements to the Warren Commission were shocked to find their statements altered in the Commission's final report, in many cases stating the direct opposite of what was said. Complaints bring visits from FBI agents with dire warnings that objectors should stay silent "for their own good".
In 1976 The United States House of Representatives Select Committee found that Scientific acoustical evidence establishes a high probability that at least two gunmen fired at President John F. Kennedy. The Committee further concluded that it was probable that four shots were fired and the third shot came from a second assassin located on the grassy knoll but missed. Then there is the troublesome dissembling of the CIA about their knowledge regarding Oswald. Oswald was in Mexico City in late September and early October of 1963. During his one-week stay, he tried to obtain visas from the Cuban consulate and Soviet embassy. But CIA documents released in 1999 establish that the CIA knew Oswald was seeking the visa's to escape to either Havana or Moscow just weeks before the JFK murder As late a 1976 the CIA was still dissembling. The Chief Counsel of the Committee on Assassinations later changed his views that the CIA was being cooperative and forthcoming with their investigation when he learned that the CIA's special liaison to the Committee researchers, was actually involved with some of the organizations that Lee Harvey Oswald was involved with in the months leading up to the assassination, including an anti-Castro group, the DRE, which was linked to the CIA, where the liaison, George Joannides, worked in 1963 Chief Counsel Robert Blakey later stated that Joannides, instead, should have been interviewed by the Committee, rather than serving as a gatekeeper to the CIA's evidence and files regarding the assassination. Blakey further disregarded and suspected all the CIA's statements and representations to the Committee, accusing it obstruction of justice. The CIA was still furious with the Kennedy's for holding back air support for Cuban freedom fighters they sent onto Cuban beaches to overturn the Castro regime. Count the "company " in. It drives LBJ loyalists like Bill Moyers crazy but Barr McClellan, a Texas lawyer who once presented Johnson has written an excellent book making a strong circumstantial case that Lyndon Johnson had Kennedy offed. Johnson has motive, opportunity and deep organized crime connections. Bobby Kennedy's DOJ was breathing down Johnson's neck and Johnson was desperate. That Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy enlisted organized crime figures to insure a Kennedy victory in West Virginia and later Chicago is beyond dispute. After the Ambassador is felled by a debilitating stroke, there was no one to stop Attorney General Bobby Kennedy from going after the very mob chieftains who's deportation the old Ambassador promised to block. Joe Kennedy even upped the ante after the election and before his stroke by demanding a share of a mob-owned Nevada casino in order to block the deportation of mobster Santo Trafficante. Count the mob as wanting Kennedy dead. I'd bet on some combination of LBJ, the CIA and the mob. I'm not sure we'll ever know who did kill JFK. All we will ever know who didn't kill him.