By Roger Stone Former President George H.W. Bush's appearance on Larry King live last night reminds one why the man was twice rejected as an candidate for the US Senate, defeated in his campaign for President in 1980 and then, once elevated to office by the good graces of Ronald Reagan, is unable to get himself re-elected. Without Ronald Reagan, Bush would be a retired oil executive in Houston. The man is likeable but his political tin-ear endures. Asked about the Tea Party, Bush says he doesn't know what they stand for and cant therefore say whether the movement is good for the country. Can the man not read? Then Barbara Bush, a vicious woman and life-time grudge-holder, takes a pot shot at Sarah Palin, saying she hopes Palin "stays in Alaska". Sorry Babs, guess Sarah can't cut it at the Greenwich County Club. Recent revelations in President George W. Bush's book that his mother showed him the dead fetus of his miscarried sister in a jar are perplexing. Barbara Bush is avidly pro-abortion and was a donor to Planned Parenthood in the 70's until it became clear such a connection would hurt her husband's presidential ambitions. Is it any wonder Nancy Reagan despised this woman? Bush Republicanism cost us both houses of Congress and drove public attitudes about the party to the lowest level ever. If Ronald Reagan were alive today he'd be in the Tea Party. Enough with the Bushes.