By Roger Stone He used to be known as "Richard Nixon's favorite Mayor" when he was Mayor of Indianapolis and while the New York Times says he's a "conservative" there is little in his record to indicate this. Indiana Senator Richard Lugar has always been a "moderate" Republican and has drifted further left as time goes by. The Times also speaks of Lugar's "affection" for Ronald Reagan which wasn't reflected in his Chairmanship of Senator Howard Baker's campaign for President in 1980. While there is no doubt that Lugar is a decent man and dedicated public servant, thirty years in the Senate is enough. The election of Dan Coats to the Senate from Indiana is proof the state can sustain the election of a real conservative. Lugar is defying his party on an earmark ban, a bill that would create a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants, a military spending authorization bill and an arms control treaty with Russia, the Times noted on Sunday. He even declined to sign a brief supporting state lawsuits against President health care law. Talk of a challenge from Governor Mitch Daniels are false. Although a solid conservative, Daniels is a former Lugar Administrative Assistant and protege. Clearly it is time for Senator Lugar to face a Republican Primary. Lugar says he welcomes such a challenge. Let the people decide.