By Roger Stone Readers of the Stonezone know I have been on a life-long search for the perfect Pizza. I've written on Pizza for the Daily Caller, the Miami WIRE and New Jersey Monthly as well as the Stonezone. I am seeking the Pizza of my youth at Phil Baker's Restaurant in my native Norwalk, Connecticut. Despite may fine pies I have yet to find the idealized version of Pizza from that spot which was torn down to make way for the extension of Route 7 from Norwalk to Danbury. I've debated the merits of Sally's and Frank Pepe's on Wooster street in New Haven, tried to judge between Lombardi's and John's of Bleeker Street and was disappointed by Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge. I raved about Motorino and was underwhelmed by Keste, all in New York City. I made the pilgrimage to Antica in Marina Del Rey. Some were great, some were very good, some were just good and none were bad because pizza is like sex - even when it's bad it's still pretty good. Sure, there are stand-outs like Frank Pepe's white clam pizza but none failed to please. Now there is a important new contender - Fratelli la Bufala, in Miami Beach. Fratella la Bufala specializes in Bufala mozzarella and, since uncured meat can not be legally imported from Italy, offers Buffalo sausage from bison specially raised on the nearby Seminole Indian Reservation. Paired with San Marzano tomatoes and several grades of Mozzarella, Fratella la Bufala turns out a nicely charred pie with a slightly chewy crust and a real snap in the sauce. Here is a contender for one of the greatest pizza's on the East Coast. With an explosion of new pizza restaurants in South Florida comes another contender Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza with multiple braches in Aventura and Fort Lauderdale turning out a spectacular pie. Coal fired ovens aren't that expensive to run but they are a pain in the ass. More labor intensive than flipping a gas or electric switch and dirtier than wood fired ovens, the coal imparts a taste to the slightly charred crust that makes Anthony's effort worth it.