By Roger Stone The secretly recorded White House tapes of President Richard Nixon are the gift that keeps on giving. Every year, a new trove of recordings is released, more outrageous than the last. The most recent batch in which Nixon manages to malign Jews, blacks, Italians and the Irish, are a confounding contradiction. What can you say about a president who desegregated the public schools, yet denigrates African Americans? This same president appointed a record number of African Americans to his administration while also desegregating the construction unions through his Philadelphia plan. How do you explain a president who makes vicious anti-Semitic remarks, yet single-handedly saved Israel through the 1973 airlift? This same president promoted Jews like Dr. Henry Kissinger and Economist Herb Stein to important public positions and took wise counsel from Jews like William Safire and Len Garment. Particularly perplexing are Nixon's comments pertaining to the Irish, who he said couldn't drink and got mean when drunk. Nixon was proud of his wife Pat's Irish ancestry and often claimed, incorrectly, that she was born on St. Patrick's Day. Nixon's administration included Irishmen like Peter Flanagan and Labor Secretary Peter Brennan. When I set up a private meeting of young political operatives with Nixon after George Bush's 1988 election, Nixon was incredulous that the Cabinet contained no Italian-Americans and no Catholics. It was Nixon whose politics pulled blue collar ethnic Catholics, Irish, Italian, and Polish out of the FDR Coalition beginning in 1960 and continuing through the election of George W. Bush in 2000. The Nixon cabinet included Massachusetts Governor John Volpe yet Nixon said in the latest tapes the Italians "don't have their heads screwed on right." It's difficult to explain why Nixon's unguarded remarks are so different than his public policy record. Clearly he rose above his own petty prejudices to do the right thing in so many areas. I fully expect Nixon to be crucified over this latest batch of taped indiscretions. But what of Dr. Henry Kissinger, darling of The New York Times and The Manhattan society set? Kissinger is quoted in the new tapes as saying that if the Russians want to send every Jew to the gas chambers, it's none of America's business. Kissinger's comment is more crude and offensive than anything put forward by the 37th president, yet I doubt he will be subject to the media beating that Nixon will take this week. Thank God there are only 400 pages of transcripts yet to be released.