By Roger Stone As I look at the crop of Republicans planning to run for the 2012 Presidential nomination, I reach one inescapable conclusion: Unlike 1988 when he flirted with it and 2000 when he seriously considered it, Donald Trump must run for President in 2012. As chairman of Trump's Presidential Exploratory Committee in 2000, I saw firsthand the excitement that a Trump candidacy would generate. Not since John F. Kennedy has the country had a presidential candidate with this ability to inspire voters and draw massive crowds. When George Bush visited Plymouth, New Hampshire, 500 people showed up. When Trump visited the same city, 5,000 people showed up to the same hall, spilling out of the building and into the street. Trump has broader experience and greater credibility than any of the prospective candidates considering a White House bid in two years. Unabashedly pro-American, Trump is probably the toughest business negotiator in the country and understands more about capital formation and job creation than any of those looking at the race. Donald Trump could be the one man in America who understands how to turn our economy around. Just as important in the television age, Trump has the charisma and national following that the others lack. The ratings of his wildly popular TV show, The Apprentice, tell the story. The public is fascinated by Trump and what he thinks. He is without doubt one of the most respected businessmen in the country, but one who is direct and is never afraid to tell the public exactly what he thinks. I am convinced that when Donald Trump talks about cutting spending and taxes and ending the one-sided trade relationships that this country is experiencing with virtually all of our trading partners, voters would take him more seriously than either President Barack Obama or any in the Republican field. Trump also has a unique ability to generate media coverage. When his plane landed at Miami International Airport in 2000, over 50 national and international reporters were there to cover it. When Vice President Al Gore came a week later, there were exactly three cameras to greet him. Reporters know that Trump will always have something interesting and provocative to say and never dodges tough questions. The Donald Trump of 2010 is not the Donald Trump of the '90s. Gone is the single playboy with dozens of model girlfriends. Today the Donald is happily married to a wonderful wife and has a son in his formative years. Today Donald is a stable and wiser figure who could be the only person who could save this country. Although Trump candidly admits that he is considering the race, getting him to make the plunge will not be easy. Trump has a great life in which he is supremely happy. He loves New York. He loves the real estate business. He loves his family, and he is content making deals and making millions. At the end of the day, however, Trump is a patriot, and if he became convinced that he is the only person who could save this country, I am convinced he could be prevailed upon to make an all-out run.