By Roger Stone Richard Nixon's warts, misdeeds and excesses are continually exposed, thanks ironically to the White House taping system he installed, yet the facts about John F. Kennedy and the period they call Camelot continue to be covered up by a sympathetic media and a coterie of sycophants dedicated to the myth that Kennedy was a great President. There can be no doubt that JFK was dashing, handsome and cultured and that his stirring words, in all cases written by others, inspired a generation. His deft move to Nixon's right in the 1960 election when he promised to invade Cuba and close a non-existent missile gap between the US and the Soviets that he claimed the Eisenhower administration had created were both deceptive and effective. Now comes word that the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library will digitize 8 million pages of documents from his Presidency. Somehow I have a feeling documents regarding JFK's addiction to amphetamines, serial whore-mongering, connections to organized crime, stealing of the 1960 election, early venereal disease and sexual relationship with a Nazi spy won't be among them. The Library says a focus will be on "civil rights" which is a cruel joke: JFK scammed blacks for votes in 1960 then reneged on promises to put forward a fair housing bill, a voting rights bill or any other significant civil rights measures for fear of upsetting veteran segregationist Democrat Senators. Vice Presidential candidate Lyndon Johnson toured the South in the 1960 campaign to assure the good ol' boys that JFK's rhetoric on civil rights was just that - rhetoric. Kennedy did, however appoint a record number of segregationist federal judges. Those interested in Kennedy's total failure to accomplish anything in the civil rights arena should read Now we learn that Caroline Kennedy blackmailed A&E into killing a TV mini-series that accurately portrayed the Kennedys by threatening to withhold a series of interviews with her mother that A&E's partner ABC was interested in. Why ABC and A&E folded is a mystery. The interviews with Jackie Kennedy and her daughter are sure to be dull as dishwater. Jackie Kennedy accepted $1 million from Ambassador Joe Kennedy not to leave his philandering son - making Jackie the most expensive whore in history. Here are the sad but indisputable facts the Kennedyites must be forced to swallow:
  • Joseph P. Kennedy was not only a bootlegging partner of gangster Frank Costello, he was a womanizer, a virulent anti-Semite and Nazi sympathizer who urged FDR to accommodate Hitler.
  • Joe Kennedy made an accommodation with the mob to steal first the West Virginia Primary and then Chicago and Illinois in the 1960 election. An FBI wiretap in 1961 picked up Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana insisting he was "double-crossed" by the Kennedys who promised not to deport certain mob figures in return for the mob's help in Chicago.
  • JFK had to cheat to win the 1960 election.
  • John Kennedy was notoriously unfaithful to his wife; two campaign secretaries nick-named "Fiddle and Faddle" were hired to amuse JFK on the campaign trail. JFK and his brother Bobby both laid Marilyn Monroe and were concerned that her drug use might make her less discreet. Monroe called the White House Switchboard constantly. Fortunately for the Kennedys she turned up dead.
  • Joe Kennedy did pay Jacqueline Kennedy $1 million not to divorce JFK before the election. They agreed she could keep the money and leave Kennedy if he lost the election.
  • JFK was given daily injections of both cortisone and amphetamines. On the day of his Inauguration his own doctor said he was "hopped up".
  • In the Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy secretly agreed to remove certain US missiles from Germany in return for Soviets removing missiles from Cuba. He didn't "face down" Khrushev, he blinked.
  • JFK shared a mistress with Chicago Mob boss Sam Giacana until confronted by FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover. Frank Sinatra set up their first assignation.
  • The dashing, handsome Kennedy was a lousy lay. Because of his war injured back he has to have his playmates astride him while he lay on his back. He had a "short trigger" as one courtesan said and sex was over in minutes.
  • JFK wrote or came up with little that he said publicly. Theodore Sorenson was Kennedy's brain. JFK got a Pulitzer for a book he did not write because Joe Kennedy pulled strings. In fact, the charming Kennedy was lazy and none too bright. Witness his application to Harvard.
Some asshole named Robert Greenwald who claims to be a screenwriter actually put up a website to protest the proposed A&E series "The Kennedy's" calling depiction of the truth about the Kennedys a "smear". This fellow buys the myth but is ignorant of the facts. The Joe Kennedy's pact with the mob, Kennedy's failure of nerve in the Bay of Pigs and Robert Kennedy's efforts to jettison Lyndon Johnson from the 1964 ticket were all factors in his assassination which was not carried out by a lone gunman and was the results of a conspiracy. To read more go to