By Roger Stone Liberal elites may laugh at Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate but voters don't. A new Newsweek Daily Beast Poll shows Trump only three points down to Obama 43-41... Trump polls 18% as an Independent in a three way race so his base is strong. The President of the United States leading the star of a reality show by a mere 3 points and well below 50 with a big 14% undecided. These are potential Trump voters who want to see if he is serious. This is a credible poll of 917 voters with good scientific methodology. Conservatives should take a look at Trump. If Trump chooses to run he could be a serious contender. He needs to convince voters in debates that he is serious. Like Kennedy, Trump is a playboy and not much for the hard work of being a candidate. Although, Trump is now a retired playboy and in love with his wife. Fatherhood later in life, the birth of Barron, his youngest, has caused him to re-evaluate his views on abortion - making him, as he told me "strongly pro-life". The Donald is right about ending "most favored trade" status of the Red Chinese who are jamming it up our ass. Trump is also a Second Amendment man. In fact Donald is licensed to carry a conceal weapon in New York. He carries. I want a President who's packing heat! Trump told me he would appoint someone like Larry Kudlow to be Secretary of the Treasury after he did Kudlow's radio show. Trump thinks low taxes are the key to job creation. Trump understands job creation. Trump knows the Chinese are so heavily invested in our debt that they cannot see us crater. The U.S. economy is worth more to the Chinese alive than dead. Trump would treat them as he treated banks he had by the balls. Trump is sitting on $2 Billion cash. He could throw $20 million into a White House bid. Trump is right about the war in Afghanistan being a meat grinder costing us lives and money in a method of war in which the enemy cannot be defeated. It's amazing how many Republicans agree. Other than Ron Paul who else has the guts to say this but Trump. Trump actually said he respects and likes Ron Paul, he just thinks he cannot win. Supporters of Ron Paul are like supporters of Adlai Stevenson who wanted him to run in 1960 after getting beat twice. They are not realists. Trump has the stature to be President. Like Reagan, he has the inner calm and decisive leadership. A man confident in his own skin. He's the Donald. He always wins. He'll win for America. Disregard him at your peril.