Gary Berntsen likes to talk about what a tough guy he is in his role of fighting terrorism on behalf of the USA. His defeat in the Republican Primary for US Seante saved him the trouble of being ignominiously defeated by Chuck Schumer last year. Berntsen privately committed himself to Republican insurgent Carl Paladino in the primary for Governor last year according to Paladino campaign insiders but when asked in a televised debate before the primary if he preferred Paladino or ultimate loser Rick Lazio for Governor, big brave straight-talking Gary punted - and said he was "neutral". Paladino won the Republican primary for governor by almost 2 to 1. Now Gary Berntsen is on another suicide mission - pushing war hero Dave Bellavia to file as an Independent in the Special Election to fill the Western New York seat of Congressman Chris Lee who resigned after getting caught using his real name to pick up women on Craigslist. The Republican and Conservative parties have nominated Assemblywoman Jane Corwin who is a a soild conservative and strong candidate. Bellavia, an attractive candidate would only serve to split the Republican vote and elect a liberal Democrat. Jane Corwin is no Dede Scozzofaza. She is a future Republican star, attractive and articulate with a reliably conservative record in Albany. Gary Berntsen should stick to fighting terrorists.