By Roger Stone Speaking of Political consultants, Disgraced New York Comptroller Alan Hevesi's consultant Hank Morris got a four year sentence and a $19 million fine for orchestrating a fee stealing scam in the Comptroller's office but Hevesi himself is yet to be sentenced to a day in jail. Former Attorney General Andrew Cuomo charged Hevesi with misuse of his office, a less serious charge than bribery which would have carried a mandatory jail sentence. Cuomo's sentencing recommendation is not known and has not been made public. Hevesi's lawyers are trying desperately to remove respected State Judge Bart Stone (no relation) from the case, because Stone is thought to be ready to send Hevesi to the slammer. Since when do the guys at the top of a criminal conspiracy get a pass on incarceration for cooperation while those down the food chain get hard time?