By Roger Stone Ed Rollins ran a campaign against former Democratic Speaker Tom Foley, who was by all indications a decent man, which attacked the veteran Congressman for being gay - and he calls me "despicable" in a recent story in The Washington Post. What could be more despicable than an orchestrated and anonymous whisper campaign smearing someone for their private life? Rollins has the effrontery to insist to the Post that the campaign of innuendo and hate that took down Foley was "clean" but he knows that's a lie. Rollins has chronic trouble telling the difference between a lie and the truth. Don't forget his claim that New Jersey Governor Christie Todd Whitman's 1993 campaign "suppressed the black vote," a lie he retracted in front of the grand jury in Newark. I ignored Rollins buffoonery until he took gratuitous shots at me in his autobiography, ghostwritten by Tom DeFrank, which I picked up for 35 cents in the discount book bin at Borders. Rollins himself cannot write. During Reagan's re-election campaign I remember being instructed by Deputy Campaign Manager Lee Atwater never to disturb Rollins after noon on Friday until Monday morning. Everyone else in the campaign worked weekends to re-elect the President. Not Ed. The hapless Rollins was inducted in the American Association of Political Consultants Hall of Fame last week. I guess they give you extra points for publically trashing your own clients to blame them for your losses--this is classic Rollins. Ask Michael Huffington, KT McFarland or Ross Perot. Rollins surfaced with Mike Huckabee in 2008 but quickly became irrelevant when Huckabee rejected his only advice, which was to savagely attack war hero John McCain. Huckabee has a political future thanks to his decision to ignore Rollins. Rollins CNN commentary is conventional but he can always be counted on to take shots at his own party, making him the Democrats favorite Republican. Compare that to former Mondale campaign manager Bob Beckel, whose commentaries are always insightful and who often departs partisanship to be honest and objective. Rollins is a boring blowhard without a clue. As far as the American Association of Political Consultants, I am reminded of what Groucho Marx once said: " I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member."