Trump sketchMore good polling news for New York developer Donald J. Trump who is considering entering the lists for Republican Presidential nomination. Donald Trump has an approval rating higher than better-known political quantities Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, the latest WSJ/NBC poll found. The poll tested the three potential 2012 hopefuls, along with House Speaker John Boehner, and found Trump leading the pack. Trump's numbers were 9 percent "very positive" and 17 percent "somewhat positive," for a combined total of 26 percent. Romney had a 6 percent "very positive" rating and 19 percent "somewhat positive," largely unchanged since the poll's findings in the 2008 election. Pawlenty was at 3 percent "very positive" and 7 percent "somewhat positive" for a combined 10 percent. This comes on the heels of a Newsweek poll which showed Trump only trailing Barrack Obama by 2 points - 43% to 41%. Huge ratings for the season's premiere of the Apprentice seemed to confirm Trump's appeal. One storm cloud on the horizon; a recent Iowa poll by We Ask America showed Trump in fifth place with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee still the Iowa frontrunner. A "We Ask America" poll in Iowa finds Mike Huckabee leading the Republican presidential race with 20%, followed by Sarah Palin at 14%, Newt Gingrich at 13%, Mitt Romney at 13%, Donald Trump at 9%, Ron Paul at 5%, Tim Pawlenty at 4%, Haley Barbour at 3% and Mitch Daniels at 2%. Trump is a stronger general election candidate than he is a candidate for the Republican nomination. Trump must concentrate on New Hampshire, Nevada and Florida and lower expectations in Iowa and South Carolina where the large Evangelical Christian electorate is unlikely to support the New York billionaire. New Hampshire with its "Live free or die" attitude will be more fertile for the thrice married Trump. Being associated with the casino business is certainly not a negative in Nevada with its rugged individualist attitudes and Florida is, of course ,Trump's second home. Trump was an early financial supporter of Florida Governor Rick Scott.