By Roger Stone Eliot Spitzer, who accomplished nothing as Governor of New York State, other than having sex with a large number of expensive call girls and using the state police to harass his political opponents, has criticized new Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo who just closed a $10 billion state budget gap without raising taxes. In an interview in Our Town Newspaper Spitzer actually criticizes Cuomo for not raising taxes and for cutting health care costs. In a truly incredible interview Spitzer hits Cuomo who delivered the first on-time budget in recent memory and who not only closed a $10 billion budget gap without raising taxes but also cut medicaid, school aid and prison spending. Cuomo also fended off a "millionaire's tax" that would have driven even more employers from the state. "I disagree with him about certain calls. I think his absolutely no millionaire's tax was, in this moment of crisis, wrong. Just as I thought extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy was wrong," Spitzer told Our Town. Cuomo played no role in extending the Federal Bush tax cuts but opposed the proposed extension because he recognized any tax increases would be detrimental to New York's economy. "We talk so much about shared sacrifice, and if you look at the pincers of wealth accretion for those at the top over the past 30 years, the genuine deficit crisis that has been created, not just the sort of crisis out of the crisis which is the recession, which is a revenue crisis, but at the long-term structural deficit, we've been squeezing government by dropping rates, which would have been fine if the economy had grown," the obtuse former Governor said. Incredibly, Spitzer doesn't seem to understand that New York's deficit is caused by outrageous spending, not because taxes aren't high enough. "Squeezing Government?" New York spending is bloated and out of control. Spitzer also trashed the consultative process Cuomo used to achieve cuts in Medicaid. "... Letting the same folks sit around the table determine the allocation means you're going to perpetuate the status quo. And that's why, if you think back to what we tried to do with health care, it was very much we have to change the system. And the group that was left out of this was patient voices. We were changing it to say wait a minute; the big hospitals have to change their finance structure. They can't survive on Medicaid, which is what they've been doing for the past 20 years." Spitzer attacked the ethical problems in Albany but failed to note that former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno offered to join him in supporting full disclosure and sources of outside income for all state legislators when Spitzer was Governor and Spitzer refused because of the opposition from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver who is paid undisclosed amounts from a personal injury law firm to oppose a cap on medical malpractice awards To his credit. Cuomo has pursued both full disclosure and a medical malpractice awards cap. Most incredibly, Spitzer could not think of anything he would do differently as Governor, including his use of the State Police to spy on and smear political rivals for which his state police superintendent was forced to resign and his top aides were fined by the State Ethics commission.