Former George W. Bush political guru, Karl Rove, has disparaged the potential candidacy of Donald Trump. The last time Rove was in the saddle he cost the Republican party control of both houses of Congress and put the 2008 Presidential election out of reach. Obama's single most effect attack on John McCain was at he voted with President Bush 86% of the time. Rove encouraged the Bush Administration's insane federal spending and helped lead the country into a war, in which our national goals are indecipherable. Politics has been very, very good to Karl Rove. Last year his "Crossroads GPS" political effort on behalf of Republican candidates collected in excess of $160 million. Sadly, Rove pocketed millions in consulting fees, mail fees, and list-rental fees. The status quo is very good for Karl Rove's pocketbook. An outsider candidate like Trump leading the Republican Party back to victory and upsetting the current contributing pattern of deep pocketed Republican donors is not something Karl Rove wants to see. Karl Rove gave us an President who plunged into war to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction that did not exist and drove our domestic economy into the toilet - and he calls Trump a "joke"?