The Obama White House released the President's birth certificate not because they wanted to clear the air (they could have done that three years ago) but because the issue, raised most effectively by Donald Trump, was hurting them with the number of American suspecting Obama was foreign born on the rise. The good news for Obama is that Trump can no longer use the birth certificate issue - the bad news is Trump will now pound the Administration on gas prices, unemployment and two (or is it three?) wars that are sapping our national resources. Trump has demonstrated that he knows how to use his bully pulpit and that he will be relentless in his attacks on Obama, a strategy John McCain should have utilized in 2008. By attacking Trump, the White House only elevates him as a possible challenger. In 1980 Jimmy Carter and his Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan broke out the champagne to toast Reagan's victory in the New Hampshire primary. Carter and Jordan believed they could easily beat the actor. The Obama crowd is now hoping for Trump as the GOP nominee, thinking he is a push-over. If he runs, Trump won't play by the traditional rules. He will run an unorthodox campaign and the man fears nothing. They may regret getting what they wish for.