By Roger Stone If tax cheat Rep. Charlie Rangel can remain a member of Congress after evading Federal income taxes and lying in official documents to hoard three cheap rent controlled apartments in violation of State and City law, how can the Democrats demand the resignation of Rep. Anthony Weiner? There is no proof Weiner used public funds or resources in his indiscretions or, unlike Rangel, that he broke any laws. He is guilty of narcissism, horniness and lying. Now that he has fessed up to the lies, he is guilty of bad judgment and excess testosterone. The is no evidence Weiner's proclivities interfered with his ability to be an effective Congressman. Now Obama has jumped on the bangwagon. Funny, I don't recall him calling on Rangel to resign. Let the Congressman who hasn't cheated on his spouse with a groupie, intern, campaign volunteer, or staffer throw the first stone. This is a House of Hypocrites. Rep. Barney Frank allowed a gay escort service to operate out of his home and Rangel robbed the taxpayers. The Democratic majority ran off neither. Eliot Spitzer was frequenting prostitutes while pushing to assure seeing a hooker became a felony. He violated Federal money laundering laws and the Mann Act - transporting a prostitute across state lines, for which a Republican New York State Supreme Court Justice went to prison in 2009. Which Democrat was calling for his prosecution? Frankly, it is now a matter between Weiner and his wife. His claim of seeking treatment is disappointing. There is no such thing as sex addiction. I considered this cop-out when the National Enquirer published photos of my wife and I with allegations that we were "swingers." There is no therapy for Weiner's predilection: he's a narcissist who likes sex. Weiner apparently needs more sex than his wife can provide. His crime - other than being an unfaithful husband - is being indiscreet, then lying about it. Bringing disgrace on the House? Please! Rangel did that and the House slapped his wrist. Rangel should have done time and if he were a white Republican, he would have. If Weiner resigns and his wife sticks around he should consider a personal training business - "Anthony Weiner gets you buff in 10 customized sessions." The man's got remarkable side delt and upper pec development. If Huma splits, Anthony has the most famous wiener since John Bobbitt and a porn career beckons. His anatomically correct action-figure doll is already on the market. Given these options, I'd fight resignation from the House. Weiner has proven during his political career that he's got that fight in him, and far more. I laid it out for NY-1: