By Roger Stone photo- NYP HaggertyThe collapse of the case against French banker and politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn has focused attention on the competence of the Manhattan District Attorney. Cyrus Vance Jr. may have planted the seeds of his next legal defeat long before the DSK case, egged on by Assistant District Attorney Dan Alonzo - the same assistant who pushed for a rush to judgment in the DSK case. After just 37 days in office, he indicted John Haggerty Jr., a well-liked and much respected Republican political operative. Cy Jr. would have the public believe that he is simply an officer of the court who blindly uses the power of his prosecutorial discretion without the calculus of currying favor with the liberal and Democratic elite of New York society. His father, Cyrus Vance Sr., was President Jimmy Carter's Secretary of State. He was a notoriously feckless liberal ideologue who pushed arms reduction with the Soviets, returned the Canal Zone to Panama where it is now currently under Chinese control, pressured Israel into major concessions against Egypt, then resigned in protest of Carter's attempt to rescue the American hostages in Iran. All of these policies directly lead to Carter's 1980 defeat. Cy Jr. has proven that liberal blowhardism runs strong in the Vance family line. Vance's recent case record is instructive. Two cops raped a woman and walked. The families of firefighters were denied justice when Vance couldn't get a jury to convict in the Deutchesbank building case. A wealthy Egyptian businessman who sexually assaulted a maid was allowed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and was given an unconditional discharge. Vance couldn't even get a maximum terrorism charge to stick against two Islamic extremists who were caught buying guns and explosives to, as they put it, "kill Jews." His certainty in the DSK case evaporated and his head of the Sex Crimes Unit was fired, even though the DSK case had been taken away from her. Many Manhattan District Attorneys have been national figures. But not Vance: he's not ready for prime time. His tenure is marked by a rush to judgment in key cases in pursuit of headlines. He has even alienated his one-time mentor and supporter, Robert Morgenthau, who served 35 years as DA. On June 23rd, Vance allowed Democrat Kelli Conlin to enter a guilty plea in Manhattan's State Supreme Court after being charged with only one count of falsifying business records. Of course, she faces no jail time. Conlin abruptly resigned from her 18-year post as Executive Director of non-profit NARAL - conveniently on the Friday afternoon of this past January 21st - which had Celeste Katz of the Daily News asking "Kelli Conlin Leaves NARAL... But Why?" Less than a month later it was revealed: Conlin was forced out of her post by the NARAL board after a forensic audit completed last December showed Conlin had engaged in high financial misconduct with NARAL credit cards from 2008 to 2010 and "perhaps even longer." The charges against Conlin included $5,709 worth of high-end clothing at Giorgio Armani and Barney's; a $17,000 reimbursement on a Hamptons summer rental where Conlin stayed in the summer of 2009; $100,000 on car services from March 2008 and December 2010; and $22,000 on meals. Conlin made these illegal charges while also earning $309,000 in 2009, including a bonus of $90,000. Cy Jr. did not disappoint his feminist backers with this expedited Conlin deal. Consider that less than 5 short months after exercising jurisdiction over Conlin's case publicly, Cy allowed Conlin not only to walk free of any jail time, but only made Conlin pay restitution for the fraudulent charges between 2008 and 2010 without even investigating any of charges Conlin made earlier during her 20-year tenure as president. And this quick exercise was all done with Conlin admitting in court that in July 2009, she submitted a $30,000 bill for a summer rental in the Hamptons on Long Island, when the actual cost of the rental was $17,000. There are only two possible explanations for this ridiculous act of leniency: either Cy Jr. is biased or he's inept. His questionable public prosecution of John Haggerty Jr., the ultra-talented, well-respected Republican operative, proves Vance is a nothing short of a hypocrite. With his malicious and prolonged prosecution of John Haggerty Jr. against the sweet deal he quickly exercised for Kelli Conlin, Cy Jr. is openly and notoriously exercising a double standard for Democrats. Virtually every respected election law lawyer in New York has said there was no violation of election law in Haggerty's use of Independent Party funds. No one filed a complaint in the matter: not Bloomberg, not his campaign, not the Independence Party. The tabloids have already tried and convicted Haggerty for allegedly stealing $1.1 million from the New York Independence Party, which was a contribution to the party from Mayor Mike Bloomberg. The New York Post labeled Haggerty the "Bloomburglar." Yet, it is illegal to ear-mark contributions to State Parties for specific purposes and therefore the Mayor cannot claim that Haggerty did not use his money as intended without admitting to an Election Law violation. The tabloids have decided Haggerty's poll watching effort was bogus. This is a false, because it was both real and highly effective in a race for Mayor that was much closer than expected. In the final two hours of elections day, Haggerty's operation monitored white turnout in the outer boroughs. When this key Bloomberg demographic was found to be underperforming based on a polling model, the Haggerty operation trained Independence Party (i.e. Bloomberg's) phone banks on those neighborhoods to push turnout. The Haggerty operation worked. It probably saved Bloomberg's mayoralty and taxpayers an expensive recount. In fact, it has been reported that Haggerty had a written contract with the Independence Party that gave him authority to spend the funding for poll watching at his own discretion. Does it matter what Haggerty paid himself if he got the job done? Haggerty was the key man in derailing a Republican primary for the Mayor in both 2005 and 2009, saving Hizzoner at least $10 million. The Mayor reportedly has a warm relationship with Haggerty who Republicans and Democrats alike describe as courtly, polite, honorable and "old school." Haggerty, who is not a lawyer, is considered the foremost expert on New York's arcane ballot access law and petitioning process. He is the son of the late and legendary John Haggerty Sr., a true gentleman, Counsel to the New York Senate Republican Majority, and perhaps the finest election law lawyer in the history of the State. Haggerty Sr. quietly oversaw the effort to get Ronald Reagan delegates on the ballot with the approval of Senate Leader Warren M. Anderson - a Herculean task under New York's difficult ballot access laws in 1980. Brooklyn GOP Chairman George L. Clark Jr. and I brokered the difficult arrangement. Reagan had to call "Andy" to make the ask. I arranged the call. Reagan swept the New York Primary. Vance said he brought the Haggerty prosecution after "reading about it in the New York Post." Funny, Vance has read Post coverage of Rep. Charlie Rangel's three rent controlled apartments and the false statements the Democrat attested to and filed to get them, but he never prosecuted Rangel. Why do high profile Democrats walk while Cy Jr. tries a questionable case against John Haggerty Jr. with no complaint from any injured party? Why is Cyrus Vance Jr. treating Republican John Haggerty differently than Democrats Kelli Conlin and Charlie Rangel? That's a rhetorical question, because we all know the answer.