With New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's resignation came the collapse of the cover-up of the Governor's use of the New York State Police to spy on his political opponents. Based on authoritative stories in the New York Times and Newsday we now know that Spitzer approved the release of the "created" travel logs that were designed to embarrass Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, going so far as to call aides at home after hours to insure that his smear plan had been carried out. Once the e-mail records are finally released and reviewed we will learn that Spitzer conceived, directed and executed both the actual attack on Bruno and also orchestrated the cover-up. Where are Democrat Senators Eric Schneiderman and Tom Duane who both called the Inquiry into the misuse of the State police a "witch-hunt"? Strangely silent. What about Albany District Attorney David Soares who "investigated" the matter and cleared the Spitzer Administration without reviewing a single e-mail record or questioning anyone involved under oath ? Given the funding he received from the Spitzer-funded Working Families Party and Spitzer's legal machinations to preserve the DA's initial illegal primary election, Soares was clearly in the tank. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo can prove he is on the side of justice by seeking Soares indictment for conspiracy and theft of honest services, among other charges. When Spitzer refused to appoint Attorney General Cuomo as a special prosecutor, thus conferring on him the subpoena power to compel testimony to get to the bottom of Troopergate, the hand-writing was on the wall. Governors had given the AG this power in public corruption cases on 91 previous occasions. The stench of Spitzer's guilt was obvious to everyone but the most hardened partisans and the New York Press Corp. Why not let fellow Democrat Andrew Cuomo conduct a real investigation and clear the air? Cuomo did issue a stinging report on Troopergate but was forced to conduct his investigation without the authority to call witnesses, obtain documents or compel testimony, his inquiry thus limited. The New York Daily News had an excellent column outlining the numerous lies Spitzer told about the illegal financing of both his 1994 and 1998 elections for Attorney General. When I raised these questions last summer I was told I was like Ahab chasing a white whale, even though Spitzer had lied about it under-oath in a subsequent law-suit. But the criminal activities of Eliot Spitzer and his father Bernard- the Jewish Joe Kennedy- were there for all to see if any lazy, liberal, smart-ass New York reporter was willing to do a half hours worth of work. Now the New York media should review Spitzer's eight years as Attorney General where he regularly violated his target's civil rights, let cronies like Carl McCall off the hook while pursuing all the other members of the board of the New York Stock Exchange, beat settlements of trumped-up charges out of businessmen by ruining their reputations and blackmailed companies into promoting his friends to high-paying positions. Spitzer essentially ran a criminal enterprise out of the Attorney General's office. Last January I had an argument with a New York Observer reporter who said I must surely agree that Spitzer was "very bright". Not only was he not bright but he never understood the difference between the role of a Governor and a prosecutor, the need to make friends in politics (he had none) or that Daddy couldn't buy him the White House.