By Roger Stone The New York Post's Fred Dicker isn't a journalist. He's a publicist for politicians who leak to him. He has little regard for facts or accuracy. In fact, when Fred doesn't have a source he just makes one up. Few reporters are less well liked and none are less respected among their Albany and New York City peers. There is no better example than Fred's July 4th story reporting that President Obama would jettison Vice President Joe Biden to replace him with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The story got substantial national pickup. There is only one problem. It wasn't true. He quotes a Republican and a Democrat, neither with any particular knowledge as to what Obama might do. Dicker has no real source for the story because he made it up. Proving the point is the fact that the Obama campaign moved quickly to deny the story and assert that Biden will stay right where he is. Dicker quotes former New York GOP Chairman Bill Powers on why the Cuomo pick would be wise and while Powers is a good man and a solid pol why he would have any particular insight into what national Democrats will do is beyond me. Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is also quoted and while Willie is both a good friend of mine (and one of the Stonezone's Best Dressed Men in America for 2010) no one claims that he is privy to Obama's thinking. So Fred has no White House source, no Obama campaign source, in fact he has no source at all for this thumb suck piece. Dicker's story doesn't even make sense. Why would Cuomo who has staunchly opposed tax increases in the recently passed budget based on the deleterious effect they would have on the economy join an Administration that is insisting on tax increases as part of a debt ceiling deal. Why would Cuomo, who is most definitely his own man and has demonstrated impressive executive skills, take a position without either responsibilities or power? Why would Cuomo, who has marked himself as a centrist by cutting spending , opposition to tax increases on the wealthy and his property tax cap tether himself to an Administration which thinks higher taxes and more spending are the answer to our economic problems? If Cuomo does want to run for President in 2016 or beyond why would he want to carry the baggage of the Obama administration rather than running on his own record of accomplishment which so far shows him to be a fiscal conservative and social liberal and is, so far, more impressive than the President's Obama doesn't require Cuomo on the ticket to carry New York, the bluest of blue states and the last thing he wants is a Vice President who is both smarter and more accomplished than he is. Dicker's story, like most of Dicker's stories- is bullshit.