By Roger Stone As Attorney General, Eliot Spizter blackmailed insurance giant Marsh & McLennan into acquiring Kroll and Associates, a private investigative firm, at a greatly inflated price. He also required M&M to hire his protégé, Michael Cherkasky, as CEO despite his complete lack of any insurance industry experience. The Attorney General's settlement with Marsh & McLennan required the acquisition of Kroll, where Cherkasky worked. The AG's agreement also required Cherkasky be hired as CEO with a substantial golden parachute provision in his contract. Spitzer, who prosecuted NYSE Chair Ken Grasso for "excess compensation" had no problem with Cherkasky bailing out with 35 million after proving to be a disaster at the helm of M&M. Now some former executives at Marsh & McLennon are fighting back, filing lawsuits asking for $90 Million dollars because Spitzer insisted in a Slate column that the insurance company's executives were guilty of crimes despite the fact that convictions won by Spitzer had been overturned by the courts. Eliot Spitzer will reap what he has sown.