By Roger Stone The STONEzone was the first publication to report on former Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer's lavish spending of party money to enhance his lifestyle. Greer spent regularly on five star resorts, luxury charter aircraft, enormous bills at gourmet restaurants, tickets to sporting events ,imported wines and cigars, spa services and stretch limos. Consequently we were not surprised when Greer was arrested after it was revealed that he had hooked up a phony fund-raising in order to embezzle even more Republican Party of Florida ( RPOF) funds. At the heart of this scandal are hundreds of thousands of dollars of un-itemized RPOF American Express Bills. Party leaders including Governor Charlie Crist, Speaker Marco Rubio and Ray Sansom, Senate Presidents Jeff Atwater and Ken Pruitt all had Party credit cards. The RPOF Executive Committee and Party donors have never been told what these charges entailed or who charged what. Former Attorney General Bill McCollum disgraced himself and participated in this cover-up by insisting there was nothing to investigate and not demanding an itemization when he was running for Governor. This alone exempted him from having the integrity to be Governor or from any future public office. Bill McCollum should be deeply ashamed of himself. Now Greer offers the ridiculous defense that "party leaders" approved his contract. Really? Why was the contract never disclosed to the RPOF Executive Committee or the Party's donors and fundraisers? Why was the contract a secret? In fact, Greer blackmailed party leaders regarding his embezzlement lest he release the American Express bills that would have income tax as well as propriety issues for all those who carried cards. We know that former Speaker Ray Sandsom used his to treat his family to a European vacation and buy himself a new MAC computer. What did the others spend on ? Sure, they signed off--rather than risk exposure for their inappropriate spending. It's called approving a blackmail payment. Those who "signed-off" on Greer's secret deal were buying silence. They were extorted. Greer's claim that his secret contract saved the party money because he was paid less for "fundraising" than Party fundraiser Meredith O'Rourke fails to note that O'Rourke actually raised millions and Greer never raised a dime-unless you count the money Greer got from his friend Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstein ( who paid to blow out the candles on Charlie Crist's birthday cake at Crist's private, champaign-soaked, party funded, invitation only birthday party at the Breakers (lot's of votes for the RPOF in that!) Governor Charlie Crist's claim that he never had a card is disingenuous. Greer picked up the tab on expenditures for the Governor-- including,according to my RPOF sources-jewelry for Mrs. Crist and lavish entertainment for the Governor and his wife. Crist may have evaded income taxes on some of these expenditures. It also explains why multiple appeals to Crist to curb Greer's wild spending from party leaders never went anywhere. Greer has the goods on Charlie -and trust me- there is much about Charlie Crist's personal and political life that Charlie doesn't want you to know. To be clear, Greer's protector , defender, promoter and patron was temporary (but not future) US Senator George "the Little Frenchman" LeMieux. The claim recently reported by the Miami Herald Blog that LeMieux did not know of the faux Greer contract is false. Frenchy knew and approved because Greer knew far too much. It was LeMieux who shielded Greer when Crist Finance Chair Brian Ballard, perhaps the party's best fundraiser, objected to Greer's profligate and wasteful spending. Charlie Crist telling the Miami Herald the Republican State Executive elected Greer, not him-shows how dumb Crist thinks we are. Le Mieux and Crist gave us Greer and kept him as Chairman long after questions about his spending surfaced. In forty years in American politics I have never met a bigger incompetent than Jim Greer. In a pathetic public appeal Greer's wife whined about how much he's done for the Republican Party. Really ? Greer had nothing to do with Crist's election. My dog could have beaten liberal Republican Tom Gallagher in the Republican Primary and the $6 million dollars funneled to Sen. Rod Smith in the Democratic primary softened up Jim Davis for a a beating. Once black voters learned Davis had voted in the State Senate against justice for Pitts and Lee, two Black men railroaded by backwoods justice, it was all over. Under Greer's stellar leadership John McCain lost Florida by 1%. McCain supporters were told there was no money left for literature or yard signs when, in fact ,Greer had a $1 million + surplus in the RPOF federal a count after the election. Seems like Charlie's ardor for the McCain candidacy died when Sarah Palin, not the fey Governor of Florida, was selected for the Vice Presidential nomination. In fact, Crist couldn't pass the FBI background check. Greer denied party support to Congressional Candidate Allen West who lost his first Congressional race by a hair, only to win two years later after Greer had been ousted. Why? Greer thought West was "too conservative to win". Now Greer blames his problems on party conservatives. Funny, Charlie Crist used to call himself a conservative before he became a political switch-hitter. Under Greer the GOP lost two Florida US House Seats. Great job, Jimbo! Who can forget when Greer, bumped as superfluous from the Palin campaign plane, chartered a jet at RPOF expense to follow Palin across Florida so he could stand on the stage with her at each stop. How many votes did this win the McCain-Palin ticket? Then there was Greer's insistnce on traveling with a entourage, a charter jet and stretch limo whenever he traveled. How about Greer's claim that since Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp (who got his mustache from one of the Village People) was "retarded" that he, Greer, was the de facto Lt. Governor. Prosecutors need to add extortion to the charges against Greer. Governor Scott should order the next RPOF Chairman to release the itemized American Express bills from the Greer era. Then Greer can't blackmail anyone.