Rex Smith, Publisher of the Albany Times Union is a really weird guy. He's pretty unhappy with his life as a journalist because he'd hoped to be at a more chic and fashionable paper, like the New York Times, by this point in his career. So now he seeks to run a "liberal" newspaper in the backwaters of Albany that is oh so fashionable for a bunch of farmers who, outside the City of Albany, use the paper to line their bird cages. Rex Smith was also caught red-handed lying about the relationship between his paper and the Columbia School of Journalism after Columbia "defended" the Times Union's role in utilizing disinformation supplied by Governor Spitzer Staff to smear Senator Joe Bruno. Now that the Spitzer cover-up of Troopergate is crumbling, Smith's role as a partisan hit man - not as a journalist - has been fully revealed. Anybody who ever met Rex Smith will tell you the same thing - the guy is just f*cking weird. Smith actually writes in a pathetic Saturday column "you're telling me State Officials are having sex they want to keep secret? I'm shocked. You're telling me you want to know all about it? Get over it. It's mostly none of your business..." Now Rex, you proved repeatedly that you are pompous, not overly bright, and frankly...kind of weird. Nevertheless, even you are smart enough to get this - when a guy is prosecuting escort services at the same time he is patronizing one, he's a hypocrite. And, a publisher who is too stupid or partisan to see it needs to find a different line of work. PS. I saw two of the Hearsts socially this past weekend. They think Rex is weird too.