By Roger Stone Congressman Charles Rangel, who is guilty of tax evasion and illegally having three rent controlled apartments but was prosecuted for neither, unveiled a stunning oil portrait of himself that will hang forever in the House Ways and Means Committee hearing room in Washington, DC. If Charlie Rangel were a white Republican he'd be in prison. He disgraces himself and the Congress. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. says he is prosecuting Republican operative John Haggerty after "reading about campaign finances in the New York Post." The Post also covered the apartment issue where Rangel knowingly signed false instruments, which would send anyone else to jail if discovered. But Cy Vance and his Sancho Panza Dan Alonzo let Rangel walk, clearly more interested in headlines than justice. Former District Attornet Robert Morgenthau is known to be among those displeased with the appointment of Alonzo who they think has neither the judgment nor the skill to run the office. They are right. It's still shocking that with Alonzo's guidance Vance let Sportscaster Marvell Scott rape a 14-year-old prostitute who he knew was underage, plead to endangering the welfare of a child and serve not one day in jail. Alonzo also rushed to judgment in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn rape case, going so far as to oust the Sex Crimes unit head in the DA's office who was urging Vance to "go slow" in evaluating the crime. Then Vance let French pig rapist DSK's lawyers mau mau him into dropping charges, ensuring rage in the Black community that the professional negroes like David Dinkins sidekick Bill Lynch can't contain. Cy Vance is a racist honkie who must go. Now Vance and Alonzo face another defeat. John Haggerty will prove his innocence as laid out in the STONEzone.