By Roger Stone I am a Libertarian Republican and have written in favor of both same sex marriage and abortion rights. Mitt Romney once agreed with me. In his 1994 race for the US Senate, he supported gay marriage and abortion on demand. I was there and I remember. Romney's opponent in the Massachusetts Republican primary, supply-side banker John Lakian, firmly recalls Romney's stout liberalism on social issues. "His flip-flop once he got into the Governor's mansion and decided to run for President was stunning," said Lakian. "Today, he lards his speeches with references to Ronald Reagan when he disowned Reagan and Bush in the 1994 Senate race against Ted Kennedy." Romney ran hard right in an expensive 2008 foray for the Republican Presidential nomination. His Mormonism hurt his performance in Iowa. Now he's flip-flopped so far as to say he has "always been pro life." This is, candidly, a blatant lie. Romney chooses to de-emphasize social issues and run as the square-jawed Republican businessman. "My 25 years in the private sector creating jobs" doesn't quite ring true. In fact, his jobs record during his time in the Governor's office and, later, Bain Capital are unimpressive and subject to a withering general election attack by the Democrats. Like his father George Romney, Mitt is handsome, friendly, stubborn, and sometimes obtuse. Mitt Romney's mother, Lenore, was a candidate for the US Senate in 1970 when she ran as pro-abortion and pro-ERA. Mitt supported gun control only to later claim he was a hunter and lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. In fact, Mitt Romney had purchased a "lifetime NRA membership" only months before the speech. He later admitted to hunting "varmints" at his estate. His father launched the same rockets at Barry Goldwater on Social Security as Mitt has launched at Texas Governor Rick Perry. Mitt Romney is not a conservative, he is a chameleon prepared to sound like anything necessary to become the next President. That said, he has extreme message discipline and goes about his election effort in a good-natured way. He has also raised a war chest that will allow him to sustain setbacks and still stay in the race. Absent a revival of the candidacy of Rick Perry, who will have $20 million for an assault on Romney, the Massachusetts chameleon will be the Republican nominee.