By Roger Stone A New Hampshire poll shows both former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson at 1% yet the Bloomberg / Washington Post debate in New Hampshire includes little Rickie and excludes a two-term Governor whose job creation record is better than Governor Rick Perry or Governor Mitt Romney. Gary Johnson's views are no more exotic than Ron Paul's, but they are not identical. Johnson has put forward a bold plan to cut the federal budget by 43%. He is a proven executive and manager who built a strong economy in his State. He favors the legalization of marijuana, and, unlike Ron Paul, he talks about it. Bloomberg's "rule" that a Presidential candidate had to be included in three previous televised debates, eliminated Johnson who has only been included in two. It's censorship and CNN should be ashamed. FOX has handled the matter in a fair and reasonable way because it would be unfair, and even un-American, not to let a candidate be ehard whose candidacy is just as legitimate as Rick Santorum - or Herman Cain, just a few short weeks ago. Now it's CNN's turn. Gary Johnson should be included in their October 18th Presidential debate. Click here to send CNN a message that you demand Johnson be heard.