By Roger Stone Texas Governor Rick Perry's soaring poll ratings when he first entered the race set a bar that would be hard to live up to. A weak debate performance and a predictable fall back in the polls may have obscured the more significant fact that when Rick Perry was red-hot, he raised money like a maniac, posting a stunning $17 million war chest. Count on him raising $3 million more just out of Texas. With this money Rick Perry can wield paid television advertising to mount a comeback in Iowa, head into New Hampshire with momentum and win South Carolina when Herman Cain deflates after not showing well in Iowa or New Hampshire. Perry can then go on to win Florida. If Perry had not collected this money quickly, his early missteps would have doomed him. But he most certainly has a seat at the table and a comeback surge is not impossible. Herman Cain is enjoying a significant poll surge, actually leading Romney by 1 point, 26% to 25% with Rick Perry at 15% in South Carolina. Cain only trailed Romney 22% to 20% with Perry at 12% in a national Bloomberg poll. This leads experienced political hands to wonder why Cain isn't in Iowa or New Hampshire capitalizing on a national poll surge. Cain would draw massive crowds now in the early states; in politics, "one must make hay when the sun shines" (Stone's Rule #113). An underperformance by Cain in Iowa will doom him in New Hampshire and beyond because, unlike Rick Perry, he doesn't have $20 million to slug it out. I like Herman Cain and his message. If he is serious about running for President, he must perform in a caucus or primary early in the process. If he doesn't, he can hit the Florida beaches after losing the Sunshine State primary - he'll be finished.