By Roger Stone Iowa is a rural State not representative of America today. It has no significant African-American, Hispanic, Jewish, or Asian communities. The number of Catholics is well below the national average and the state is completely agricultural. That's why Florida was right to insert themselves into the process of selecting the next Republican nominee for President. With considerable Black and Latino populations and a significant Jewish community, Florida is a far more authentic reflection of America. It is both agricultural and high-tech; it boasts voters from all economic strata. And it's a state Republicans must win to garner 270 Electoral votes. I don't know why we should abrogate our right to choose the next President to a bunch hayseeds because of some quaint notion that "they should be first." Why? If you can't win Florida, you can't win the Presidency. Florida's recent move mirrors 1976, when the Iowa Caucasus vaulted ahead of the "First in the Nation" Republican Primary in New Hampshire. This, in turn, turned out to be an opportunity for every hotelier in Iowa to triple the price of rooms for a month every four years. Likewise, the guy who rents vehicles - he too triples the price of his rental cars for "them Jew-boy reporters from New York" who trek to their flat, cold, brown and tiny State. Iowa is a State where one cannot possibly find edible linguine in white clam sauce. When the Olive Garden is the best Italian restaurant in town, it's bad. The food is awful, the people are stout and a lot of them smoke. The last time I was in Iowa for three days, I didn't meet a single person who spoke Spanish. That's just not possible in Florida, California, Texas, New York, or many other States which better represent the diversity of America. I lay it out why Florida should be an early primary state in this TV interview.