By Roger Stone Texas Governor Rick Perry has $55 Million in his Super PAC and will have $20 million in his campaign to spend and exceed expectations in the early states of Iowa and New Hampshire. He must also hope for the decline of Herman Cain, who has deftly grabbed the outsider mantel and Tea Party enthusiasm. Cain's campaign is helmed by the capable Mark Block, who I first met when we both worked at the Committee to Reelect the President in 1972. Block is one of the finest organizers in the country and knows he must translate Cain's surge into votes at the Caucus and on Primary night. Block was a longtime organizer and Wisconsin Americans for Prosperity executive who built the finest conservative grassroots organization in his native Wisconsin. Mitt Romney's refusal to reach out to Tea Parties in an effort to preserve his more moderate persona for the general election could still cost him this nomination. Outside of New Hampshire, he breaks 30% of the vote anywhere in the country making him a weak front-runner. Romney the opportunist showed his face in the Nevada debate when, confronted with his use of illegal immigrants on his estate, he said "For Pete's sake, (which with Mormons is as close to cursing you get-" I'm running for office, I can't have illegals." John King of CNN hands off the sound-bite to Rick Perry's campaign to put in a thirty second ad. Then there is the Old Mitt Romney in this MUST SEE video in his debate for the US Senate seat where he attacks Ronald Reagan and supports abortion and affirmative action. This is the Mitt Romney who supported gay marriage. Romney scored off Perry when he chided him for supporting Al Gore as a Democrat in 1988 when Romney himself supported a Massachusetts liberal Democrat, Senator Paul Tsongas, over President George H.W. Bush in 1992 If Romney is nominated, any increased acceptability to moderates would be more than offset with a lack of enthusiasm and absent votes from the Tea Parties and the Conservative right. The energy in the electorate is always in the extremes. Moderates like cocktail parties and conservatives like caucuses. Michele Bachmann is now quietly colluding with Mitt Romney to ensure a Rick Perry win in Iowa is impossible. Romney is smart enough to know hit will be easier to overpower a broke Bachmann instead of a well-funded Rick Perry coming out of Iowa with momentum from an upset win. Ron Paul continues to be a problem for everyone in this race. Perry can't afford to finish third in Iowa. Paul's stalwart base and fervent following suck up conservative votes that Perry and Bachmann need, too. The other candidates should insist on allowing former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson into the debates as a way of diluting Ron Paul and shortening their searing exposure in the national debates. If Johnson continues to be denied access to the debates he could bolt and seek the Libertarian Party nomination for President. (The Libertarians were on all 50 ballots in 2008 and will be again in 2012.) Running on a Tea Party fiscal platform, Johnson could pose problems for the GOP. Johnson could also drain some votes off Obama who is arresting medicinal marijuana dispensers in California again. Johnson is an articulate proponent of marijuana legalization and regulation. Bachmann's strategy of attacking Rick Perry instead of assaulting Mitt Romney has to be the most bone-headed piece of strategic thinking I have ever encountered. The way to win the hearts of Conservatives is to demonstrate you are the strongest candidate to take on the national Republican establishment candidate Mitt Romney. By attacking Perry, Bachmann ended any possibility that she could later coalesce Perry's conservative supporters who she would need to be a serious threat to Romney. The Nevada debate by far has been former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman debate - he wasn't in it. In a ridiculous pander to New Hampshire, Huntsman refuse to attend the CNN Nevada debate held at Sheldon Adelson's palatial Venetian casino. Huntsman's campaign is $1 Million in the hole as Republican consultant John Weaver loots the campaign while firing staff. [COMING UP SOON - a former Huntsman staffer tells the STONEzone what it's like inside John Weaver's Presidential campaign.] Huntsman's father John Huntsman ,Sr. is no political neophyte or rube. An extraordinarily successful entrepreneur, he was a major contributor to and fundraiser for Richard Nixon's 1968 comeback drive for the White House. Huntsmen senior parlayed that into a position as Deputy Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare and a White House position as Special Assistant to President Richard M Nixon. Huntsmen ,Sr. was known to be close to Nixon Attorney General John Mitchell and often squired Elizabeth Hanford, who would later become Elizabeth Dole, and Dragon Lady Anna Chennault around Washington. By all accounts, Huntsman, Sr. was a shrewd political operator who understands that money speaks in politics. Huntsman ,Sr. saw the way White House Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman and Assistant to the President John Erlichman isolated Nixon from both political and policy advice he felt the president needed to hear. "Those boys are gonna get Dick in trouble," Huntsman, Sr. told an intimate when he left the White House Staff two years before Watergate. Huntsman the elder continued as the Republican National Committeeman for Utah and was on the ground floor of fundraisers and donors to Ronald Reagan's successful 1980 campaign. This explains Huntsman,Jr's position in the Reagan Administration prior to his successful run for Governor of Utah, a post his father briefly held before retiring back to a career of operating behind the scenes. It is a mystery how Huntsman, Sr. can continue to allow the mis-positioning of his son as a "moderate", destroying any short or long term possibility he has of being nominated for for President in the Republican Party. Huntsman is basing his campaign on a constituency that doesn't exist for him, in a mistaken attempt to duplicate John McCain's surge of independents into the Republican Primary which allowed him to best Mitt Romney. Newt Gingrich has tried to keep the debates relevant and help the party focus on the ultimate need for unity to take down Barrack Obama. He continues to look like the adult in the race and yet has little chance to be nominated. As for New York Billionaire Donald Trump, a Tea Party friend in Florida recently mailed me a bumper sticker that said " Muslim, Mormon, Trump" The Tea Party constituency coalescing around Herman Cain will be susceptible to a third party candidate if Romney is the nominee. Trump's ability to self finance is indisputable. Meanwhile, all the Republican candidates beat a path to his door. Only Jon Huntsman denounces the other candidates for meeting with Trump, yet never acknowledges that his office called Trump four times to request such a meeting.