Herman Cain's unlikely rise to the top of the polls this late in the GOP primary is one of the most fascinating campaign stories in past years. A successful private businessman and radio personality, Herman Cain had only scant recognition among Republicans and Republican leaning Independents going into this past May upon formerly announcing his candidacy. His campaign manager and Chief of Staff, Mark Block, had not been formerly involved in any presidential campaigns but had been top organizer for Americans for Prosperity. Yet, as of today, Herman Cain has consistently been the leader in all the national polls and leads in all primary states, besides New Hampshire, for over a month. In a time when all polling shows both the mood of the country and the Republican primary voter as anti-establishment, Herman Cain the outsider may be the GOP's solution to coalesce the Tea Party, Evangelicals, Catholics and all other demographics that the GOP will need to win in the General. Cain's recent surge was first scoffed by the majority of pundits as simply being the latest 'anti-Romney' alternative. However, now with Cain remaining in the lead for over a month, a coordinated media onslaught has come from across the spectrum these past two weeks culminating in this past Sunday's Politico story, whose release was perfectly timed to Cain's planned appearances in DC at AEI, the National Press Club, and an address to Republican Congressmen, which reported that two female employees "complained to colleagues and senior association officials about inappropriate behavior by Cain" during Cain's tenure as the CEO of National Restaurant Association. I joined Larry Kudlow on CNBC to put some perspective on the Cain kerfuffle. Last week, AP ran a story about Mark Block's 'checkered past' which chronicled his "unorthodox" style that "left a trail of questionable campaign work behind him," despite the fact that Mark has never made any admission of wrong doing nor has he ever been convicted of any campaign crime. These stories are generated by the Inside-the-Beltway Republican consultant class out of jealousy and an need to snuff the campaign of an outsider. The New York Times also released a story last Wednesday titled 'As Cain Promotes His Management Skills, Ex-Aides Tell of Campaign in Chaos' which uses former staffers as anonymous sources that criticize Cain for "hardly show(ing) up in New Hampshire and Iowa, they said, spending the bulk of his time on a book tour through the South." Further, "there was that e-mail to the staff about traveling in a car with Mr. Cain: 'Do not speak to him unless you are spoken to," the memo said. This is par for the course and out of the Nixon/Reagan Advance Manual as car-rides are crucial downtime for a candidate to relax and gather his thoughts for his next presentation. H.R. Haldeman or Mike Deaver would fire you for bending the candidate's ear when he was trying to relax or focus on upcoming remarks. Yet despite the Time's criticism of Cain's Iowa campaign strategy, which Block front loaded with campaign stops in Cain's schedule earlier in the year in order to target key activists and grass root supporters, the Des Moines Register released a poll this past Saturday showing Cain leading Iowa with likely Caucus voters at 23% to Romney's 22%. Further, the Cain campaign has recently announced the hiring of top Iowa consultant Steve Grubbs, who I remember in 1996 when he managed Bob Dole's 1996 caucus victory. Steve is a highly multi-skilled tactician who will certainly provide a steady plan to both target and bring Cain supporters out to caucus on January 3rd. Herman is a highly engaging orator, with long time public speaking experience through his radio show, paid motivational speaking engagements and training as a Baptist preacher. He has mesmerized and excited crowds in his campaign stops, which have culminated in more straw poll victories than any other candidate including September's major Florida Straw Poll coup that catapulted him to the lead, which he has since sustained. Cain has performed extremely well in the majority of the debates starting with his unanimous victory in the first debate this past May in South Carolina. Block, who I recall since our days working together for Nixon in 1972, has used his great organizing skills to align Cain perfectly with the Tea Party. Mark has his finger on the pulse of the Conservative grass roots movement and has been able to run a bottom up campaign with a candidate he was able to have match the mood of the primary voters. Yet while Cain has not made any major gaffes besides misstating his policy on abortion, the GOP-Beltway establishment has been quick to criticize Cain the candidate and his campaign, which Cain loaned over $675,000 over the summer when his poll numbers were low. Karl Rove listed six supposed gaffes on a chalkboard last week during a Fox News segment and proclaimed that Cain "has created an image of him as not being up to this task." After the Politico story was released this past Monday, Rove quickly opined that the Cain should fully disclose all the facts - yet the Politico story does not contain many facts. As I explained to Larry Kudlow, "without more details, where's the pizza." At the same time Cain would be wise to stop commenting and adding details for the media to pick apart. Cain has rightly responded to Rove's constant criticism by stating "It's a good thing the voters are not looking at Karl Rove's little whiteboard," and that Rove's agenda "is a deliberate attempt to damage me because I am not, quote unquote, the establishment choice." Cain has also pointed out the obvious fact that Rove is for Romney, the establishment GOP candidate, to be the nominee. It is quite clear that while Rove claims to be a neutral arbiter, his 501(c)(4) American Cross Roads is aligned with the Romney campaign. Carl Forti, who was described as "Karl Rove's Karl Rove," is Cross Road's Political Director. Forti previously served as the Deputy Campaign Manager for Romney's failed '08 campaign and now currently sits on the board of the 501(c)(4) Restore Our Future "which aims to help Romney win the 2012 election." This is indeed a clear connection that Rove has yet to clarify himself. The greatest coup of Cain's recent surge was the viral campaign ad featuring Mark Block. Near the end of the YouTube, Block calls for supporters "to get involved" and then takes a drag of cigarette. The video has gone viral with over 1,500,000 views and has been a fundraising success. Despite the criticism from the media, once again Cain and Block blew smoke right into faces of the GOP establishment and defied their rules. Whether Cain becomes the nominee, both Cain and Block have set their mark on this cycle. They have changed the rules from the bottom up. The Brooks Brothers wearing inside-the-beltway Republican consultant class is orchestrating relentless attacks on Herman Cain and Mark Block simply because their campaign is working.