David Paterson steps into the Governorship of New York State at a time of crisis. He enjoys good-will in both branches of the legislature as all incumbents watch both the electoral clock and the polls showing voter disgust with the bickering and lack of action in Albany. News stories about affairs the Governor or Mrs. Paterson may or may not have had are meaningless because no laws were broken as they were when Spitzer paid and transported a prostitte. No public agencies abused their authorities and no public funds were misused as they were when the Spitzer's gang used the State Police to spy on their political opponents, and no civil rights were violated as Senator Bruno's were when he was under State Police surveillance. Let the Paterson's have their privacy. This provides the Governor a historic opportunity. The Governor should press the Assembly to pass the Senate's bill to expand the state's DNA bank to free the innocent and charge the guilty. The Governor can amend his strained relationship with law-enforcement by pressing the Assembly to pass the Senate's bill to provide for the death penalty for the murder of a police officer. In return the Governor must get the Senate and Assembly approval for repeal of the Rockefeller drug laws which are racist, ineffective, and expensive. Governor Paterson can return discretion to Judges who understand the need for treatment and rehabilitation not incarceration for minor drug crimes. David Paterson ran for Lt. Governor absent the support of the old Harlem Democratic Machine. Charlie Rangel, Percy Sutton, and David Dinkins all supported another candidate. That's sold evidence he's his own man... And best of all, he isn't Eliot Spitzer.