Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, who served as Bush 41's White House Chief of Staff, is a piece of work. When he served as Governor in the waning days of Ronald Reagan's final term, I was quietly scouting the Granite State for a Presidential bid by Congressman Jack Kemp. Sununu insisted to me he was entirely uncommitted on a date my partner Lee Atwater confirmed to me was after the Governor had privately pledged his allegiance to Vice President George Bush. In other words, Sununu lied to my face. Lied without blinking. Lied like a rug dealer. This is the man who lashed former Speaker Newt Gingrich as "dishonest" last week. Sununu attacked Gingrich as a supporter of Governor Mitt Romney, a man who fits his favored candidate model perfectly: an unprincipled flip flopper who inherited his role in public life. John Sununu always claimed he convinced New Hampshire television station WMUR to open its office on a Friday night to allow the Bush campaign to put on a TV spot the weekend before the state's vital primary to attack Senator Bob Dole as a tax-increaser! Yet Republican Primary voters remember him working overtime to convince Bush to break his "no new taxes" pledge while Newt Gingrich was leading the conservatives against the Bush-Sununu tax increase. Bush's breaking of his "no new taxes" pledge sowed the seeds of his 1992 defeat for re-election. This is the same pompous and self-important Sununu who was last seen ripping off the taxpayers by commandeering government vehicles to chauffeur him from Washington to Manhattan stamp-collecting auctions. Then, of course, there is the matter of Supreme Court Justice David Souter, who Sununu convinced Bush to appoint to the court and who promptly joined the liberal bloc. Souter's predictably progressive decisions have assured our nation will feel the lingering negative effects of The Fat Man for many years to come. Please Mr. Sununu, with your record the Republican Party needs no political advice from you.