When veteran Democratic political operative Kelly Conlin was caught stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the NARAL, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance limited the charges against Conlin to only a limited period of her thievery and did not examine the entire period during which Conlin was ripping off her employer. Conlin, influential in Manhattan's liberal Democratic and abortion rights circles, was allowed to plead guilty in return for no jail time. This is the same Cyrus Vance who asked Judge Ronald Zweibel to incarcerate Republican operative John Haggerty for up to twelve years. Why would Democrat Vance accept a plea bargain from Democrat Conlin and ask for up to twelve years for Republican Haggerty when Haggerty was acquitted on the only charge that required mandatory jail time? Vance asked for not only restitution of the $750,000 Haggerty was accused of stealing but also a $1.5 Million fine. Conlin was only required to make restitution and not even for the full amount of her theft. Mayor Bloomberg, his campaign or the Independence Party did not file a complaint against Haggerty. Vance said he brought the legal action after reading about the accusations against Haggerty in The New York Post. The New York Post has reported the Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel had - and may still have - three rent controlled apartments. That means, by definition, Rangel has "filed false instruments" with the city and state. Why hasn't Cy Vance prosecuted his supporter Charlie Rangel? That Vance will bring no action against Rangel and treated the Conlin case differently than the Haggerty case shows why he is a pathetic and biased hack. It also shows why he won't be DA for long. Zweibel sentenced Haggerty to sixteen months to four years, far less then the four to twelve that Vance requested. The amount Kelly Conlin stole from NARAL, if her entire pattern of theft is examined, exceeds the $750,000 John Haggerty is alleged to have stolen. Why do I say alleged? Because Haggerty's conviction will be appealed and the appeals court will view this within the context of the election law without histrionics, emotion or politics. Many learned lawyers I know believe Haggerty's conviction will be vacated. Simply put, Mayor Bloomberg had no authority over the use of his money once he contributed it to the Independence Party. Ergo, Haggerty could not have stolen the money from Mr. Bloomberg. Mr. Bloomberg is not a victim and therefore there is no crime. The attempts by Mr. Vance to get Haggerty's ex-wife, an attorney, to testify against him by confronting her with the details of a relationship Haggerty had with another woman after his separation from his wife are despicable. The Bar should discipline Mr. Vance and his aides. Here is Mr. Vance's biggest problem: with a sentence of 16 months to four years, John Haggerty - tough, Irish and resilient - will be out in time to direct the Democratic Primary effort in which African Americans will be educated about Cyrus Vance taking the word of a fat French rapist over a woman of color and his continuation of policies in which thousands of African Americans are incarcerated for the possession of marijuana while white users walk. No African American has yet surfaced to challenge Vance but one will. Among those speculated about is attorney Kenneth Thompson, who represented the maid in the DSK case. He could bear first-hand witness in the African American community against Cyrus Vance Jr. A conviction in the Haggerty case may have brought Cyrus Vance the media victory he needed after botching the case against two terrorists planning to bomb New York City Synagogues, the Deutsche Bank building case and his rolling over in the DSK case. But it is also the case that will cost him re-election. Cyrus Vance thinks you can buy black votes buy putting "Uncle Toms" like hack political consultant Dennis Lynch on the payroll and sponsoring internships in his office for inner-city youth. It won't take much money to make certain African American and Latino voters know Cyrus Vance is a racist and to motivate them to vote. John Haggerty and his many friends in the political world know exactly how to do this. GET YOU FREE JOHN HAGGERTY T-SHIRT here: http://www.cafepress.com/freejohnhaggerty