FerraroI have never been a big fan of Geraldine Ferraro. In fact, after the 1984 election her lawyers contacted me with a demand that I apologize for some particularly nasty things I had said about her on Television while working for Ronald Reagan's reelection when she was on the Democratic ticket for Vice President. Since the election was over, I was happy to retract my comments and apologize for them rather than bear the expense of litigation. During the 1984 campaign, Roy Cohn, the legendary New York fixer, passed me information that Ferraro's husband, John Zaccaro, was the landlord for warehouse space in Queens that was being rented for the production and distribution of pornographic movies. Cohn's information came courtesy of Fat Tony Salerno, the mob boss who knew a few things about what was going on in the underworld. The story became page one fodder for the New York Post, further sinking the Mondale/Ferraro ticket. Although I disagree with former Congresswoman Ferraro, I respect the fact that she has always honestly spoken her mind throughout her political career. It is this honesty that was on display in her recent remarks regarding Barack Obama. Geraldine Ferraro maybe politically incorrect, but she is deadly accurate when she says that Barack Obama would not be in this position if he were a white man. In fact, a white politician with a resume this thin would be ..... John Edwards, face down in the dirt after winning no votes against Hillary Clinton. Hillary's distancing herself from Ferraro is cowardly. Geraldine Ferraro is not a racist but a straight talking Italian American woman who has earned the right to tell it like it is. Barack Obama cannot be questioned on his record since he has none. Hillary cannot challenge Obama on his issue proposals because they are essentially identical to hers - garden variety McGovernism. When anyone questions Obama's qualifications or substance, they're accused of racism. Senator Obama uses his race as a shield. Gerry Ferraro has called it right.