Followers of the StoneZone know that this page has been a sometime critic of Former Governor Mitt Romney. New York Times columnist Gail Collins even ripped off our running commentary on the fact that Mitt Romney once actually strapped his dog Seamus to the roof of his car for a 12 hour trip and the dog defecated on the roof of the car out of fright. I posted Romney's stunning FOX interview with Chris Wallace on the StoneZone where Wallace asked Mitt "what were you thinking?" so Collins quoted it a week later. I must admit Collins treatment of the material makes me laugh but Gail, get your own schtick. Today however, I write to praise Romney. Mitt Romney has wisely seized the mantle of Ronald Reagan when he put forward a bold economic proposal that included a 20% multi-year tax cut. Like President John F. Kennedy, President Ronald Reagan and Congressman and 1996 Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Jack F. Kemp, Romney knows tax reduction spurs growth. By grabbing the "growth" model Romney has seized the upbeat, optimistic and can-do basics of Reaganomics. Tax reduction benefits all classes of Americans because "a rising tide lifts all boats". Even Supply-Side Godfather Larry Kudlow, a StoneZone 10 Best Dressed list three years running, has blessed Romey's plan. There is clear evidence it helped Romney in Michigan and Ohio as did carefully targeted robo-calls form celebrity businessman Donald Trump who is popular among some Tea Party and Independent voters where Romney is not. CNBC's Larry Kudlow, a Reagan economic advisor and supply-side guru wrote:
"Mitt Romney snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in Michigan by unveiling a pro-growth, 20% tax-cut plan and by resetting his limited-government spending cuts and entitlement reforms. In other words, he delivered an economic-growth package. It served him well."
Kudlow hits it on the head. Romney successfully highlighted his proposal in Ohio to score again. It is noteworthy that Romney plugged his proposal in his Michigan and Ohio primary state remarks. Like the foremost Apostle of supply side Jack Kemp, Romney recognizes that the upbeat message needs repetition and will win votes. It was also this message of growth that let Romney fight to a photo finish in Alabama and Mississippi. It is not enough to just hit the Democrats for a sour economy, which they have done nothing to improve. It is incumbent on Americans to seize this growth message and offer a positive message for America. Jack Kemp persuaded John Sears and Ronald Reagan of this and it changed America. Governor Gary Johnson running as a Libertarian, eligible for Federal matching funds and on the ballot in all 50 states, will be touting the fairness and simplicity of the "Fair Tax". If the Republicans do not have a pro-growth agenda many Americans could opt for the Libertarian Nominee.