I have misjudged Marion G. "Pat" Robertson, Marine Corp Veteran, Minister, and son of Byrd Machine Stalwart, US Senator A. Willis Robertson. As a staffer for Congressmen Jack Kemp's early presidential campaign in 1988, I watched Robertson suck-up oxygen that a conservative would need to have any shot at stopping Vice President George Bush, a relatively weak candidate for President who Newsweek Magazine put on the cover with a story by Howard Fineman on the "Wimp Factor." The piece quoted yours truly. All is forgiven with Robertson's entirely intelligent and sober declaration that marijuana should be re-legalized, regulated, and taxed. Robertson correctly recognizes that the war on drugs has been a multi-billion dollar failure. In truth, the use of marijuana is no more dangerous nor injurious to health than the use of alcohol, which is licensed, regulated, and taxed throughout the most of the United States. One has to wonder what is going through the mind of President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder as they conduct a crackdown on medicinal marijuana legal in several states under state law. For Obama who assured us in the 2008 campaign that he would not harass medical marijuana users, and whose Justice Department wrote a guideline memo reaffirming this position two years ago, this is a stunning reversal. For a candidate who needs every "progressive" vote he can get, it boggles the mind. Perhaps Obama believes that California is so "in-the-bag" for him that he can conduct this crackdown in the state with impunity, showing the "flyover" voters in middle America that he is "tough on drugs." Politically, it's tone deaf.