When the history of American Conservatives is written, it should be noted the second most influential man in terms of the Conservative Movement and country after Ronald Reagan, is direct communication wizard and conservative activist Richard A. Viguerie. If William F. Buckley Jr. is the Godfather of the modern Conservative Movement, Richard Viguerie has been it's communications and fundraising spark-plug. Viguerie developed sophisticated direct mail techniques, which, in a day in which the liberal New York Times, CBS, NBC, and the establishment media were dominated by the left, became a form communication and information in addition to its fundraising capabilities. Viguerie not only raised millions for the conservative cause and its candidates, at the same time he educated and empowered millions of grassroots conservatives. A shy young Richard Viguerie reportedly mailed his first fundraising letter as Finance Director for the Harris County (Houston) Texas Young Republicans. Richard Viguerie made Ronald Reagan's election possible. Viguerie trained others in his techniques who went on to raise millions more for the movement, like Steve Winchell, James L. Martin and Ann E.W. Stone. Viguerie made millions for himself to be sure, but that is being an entrepreneur, and while Viguerie is a tough businessman, his word is as good as gold. His conservatism has not always been pure. Fundraising for George Wallace and his flirtation with his fellow Texan, "Big Jawn" Connally in presidential contests past, should not obscure the fact that Richard Viguerie has probably had a greater impact on the Conservative Movement and the nation than any living conservative; Bill Buckley and Ronald Reagan both having departed this mortal coil. Viguerie was right on the money last week when he called on former Speaker Newt Gingrich to withdraw from the presidential contest in order to "unite conservatives." Clearly such a move would be a major boost to Santorum at a time that the window is closing on his ability to catch Romney. Even if the hapless Gingrich, who didn't have the discipline to be the "New Newt" for more than a few months before the "Old Newt " surfaced. dropped tomorrow, Little Ricky Sanctimonious would have to get 60% of the remaining delegates to catch Romney.