By Roger Stone When former President George H. W. Bush endorsed Mitt Romney in Houston last Thursday, both were sitting in a deep upholstered chairs. Romney was wearing a suit and tie, but the former President was wearing a white turtleneck, sports jacket, baggy chinos, purple athletic socks and faux Gucci loafers. He looked like a guy at an old folks home, a visual that was enhanced by Barbara Bush and her pearls but wearing something likewise dowdy. How very Presidential. Both George H. W. Bush and Mitt Romney are 6`2``. A photo of the two of them standing together with a suitable background, both wearing dark suits and neckties, would look like the former Leader of the Free World with the future Leader of the Free World. Still handsome in his 80s, George H. W. Bush looks like a President and has always looked great in a natural shouldered suit. Instead, Romney looked like a guy visiting his parents in a nursing home. The Bush name is respected within a large segment of the Republican Party, what could have been a strong visual, and thus a greater coup for the Romney campaign was botched by bad sartorial choices.