NY Times FasionFor years I have looked forward to the New York Times special Men's Style Magazine published on a Sunday both Spring and Fall. Sadly, the most recent edition on March 9th 2008 is really a chronicle on the decline of men's clothing in this century. Instead of smart-cut suits, sumptuous shirtings, high quality footwear and classic sportswear, we're treated to clothing that is perfect for discos, crack-addicts, street hustlers, and "men" under 20. Who actually wears this stuff? And the prices on this "fashion?" Ridiculous Let's get this straight; professional men do not wear plastic, lamé, feathers or garments that are devoid of any man-made fabrics. The trend towards skimpy suits with short arm-lengths and high-water pants makes the wearer look like Peewee Herman or Curly of the Three Stooges. Men's fashion is and has always been about silhouette, proportion, and elegance. Broad shoulders and a nipped waist can be supplied either by an athletic wearer or by an excellent tailor. A suit should drape, not hug the body - that way you wear the clothes, the clothes don't wear you. If you want to look like Pinky Lee, by all means, choose your garb from the offerings in the New York Times otherwise visit Brooks Brothers, Paul Stuart, Alan Flusser or, for virtually the same price, visit Saville Row.