Johnson - Johnson - Schutt Michigan Republicans are desperate to block former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson from the November ballot even though he was duly nominated at the Libertarian Party Convention and the Michigan Libertarian Party has ballot status and fielded a presidential candidate in 2008 and 2004. The Secretary of State Ruth Johnson informed the Michigan Libertarians in a May 3rd letter that Governor Johnson will not be allowed to appear on the state's presidential ballot because he was listed on the Michigan Republican Presidential ballot. The Secretary of State Johnson said Gov. Gary Johnson's request to be removed off the ballot after he switch to the Libertarian Party arrived "3 minutes late of the deadline." Now the Secretary of State admits that the letter was actually drafted by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette who is also the Romney State Campaign Chairman. Conflict of Interest? In view of the fact that Congressman John Anderson ran in the Michigan Republican Presidential Primary and was later admitted to the ballot as an Independent in 1980, and that Lyndon LaRouche ran in the Democratic Primary in 1984, and successfully sued in the 6th Circuit to be placed on the November ballot as an Independent, it is clear the Republicans are acting arbitrarily against Johnson. The Michigan Libertarian Party strategy is clever. While they will sue to get Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico on the ballot as the Libertarian Party nominee, they also authorized Gary E. Johnson, a longtime Libertarian activist from Austin, Texas as a stand-in candidate. The Texan makes no bones about his stand-in role. "Voters who want to support Governor Gary Johnson should vote for me, Gary Johnson."