Moving Up
A new poll by John Zogby shows former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson moving from 2% to 5.3% nationally. Zogby says an internal analysis of the numbers show that Johnson is pulling a disproportionate number of votes from Republican Mitt Romney. PPP, a Democrat leaning polling company, shows Johnson running stronger than expected in several states - all of which, ironically are swing battle grounds in the Obama, Romney contest. PPP showed Johnson polling at 9% in Arizona, 7% in Colorado, 7% in New Hampshire, 13% in New Mexico, 8% in Montana 8% in New Hampshire and 7 % in Nevada. A Reason-Rupe Poll showed Johnson at 6% in Wisconsin. Johnson has already reached a level in which he will impact the race. With the official end of Libertarian leaning Republican Ron Paul's campaign, Johnson is making a major bid for Paul's supporters. Like Paul, Johnson favors the end of the Afghanistan war, the audit and shutdown of the Federal Reserve Bank, repeal of the Patriot Act, a trillion-dollar plus cut in Federal spending, and the legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana as well as an end to the Federal war on drugs. Johnson could also benefit from a marijuana initiative on the ballot in Colorado, which would regulate marijuana like alcohol. The Obama Justice Department crackdown on medicinal marijuana in the states where it is legal under state law could cost Obama progressive votes in the state. Johnson has endorsed the initiative. Reuters, Real Clear Politics and Politico have all noted Johnson's pocket of votes in a few states, mostly western, which will decide the presidency. While Johnson will have limited resources for his libertarian campaign, he can be expected to target his resources in those very states with Television, cable and radio advertising in the Fall. It is reasonable to expect pro-Liberty super PAC activities in those states as well. At the same time, Governor Gary Johnson's campaign continues to pull some votes from President Obama. The Johnson's campaign latest video about ending the War on Drugs is an example why Johnson has appeal to some Democrat and Liberal leaning voters. Recently the Daily Paul, a Ron Paul activist website incorrectly quoted me as saying that Governor Johnson was not running to win. Here is what I actually said : "I think Gov. Gary Johnson will over-perform in 2012. I think with both major parties fully entrenched it will be difficult to win in 2012. I do think Governor Johnson will have a profound impact on the 2012 race and put the Libertarian party on the map. I think Governor Johnson will have an excellent chance to win in 2016. Because the two major parties are entrenched, I think the political re-alignment of America, begun by Ron Paul, in which libertarians leave the ranks of the Republican and Democratic parties to join with independents to form a new American majority will take time.