The balls on this guy Eliot Spitzer - it's what the Jews call chutzpah. Spitzer is demanding that Andrew Cuomo release all of his records as Attorney General at the same time Spitzer is trying to block the release of his own emails as Attorney General! No wonder they bounced this guy at CNN. Has everyone forgotten the sworn testimony that Spitzer himself ordered the political hit on former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, famously ordering his minions to "shove a hot poker up his ass"? Spitzer used state resources for political purposes. He's lucky all he got from Attorney General Cuomo was a scalding report. He could have gotten the "full Alan Hevesi" in which case Spitzer would be cooling his heels at taxpayer expense right now. The oh-so-fashionable liberals at the Albany Times Union and their ideological brothers and sisters at the New York Times Editorial Page have their knickers in a twist over Governor Andrew Cuomo's removal of certain documents from the achieves covering his time as Attorney General. Specifically, former Attorney General and Governor Elliot Spitzer is demanding release of documents relating to "Troopergate," a scandal that preceded his own resignation for multiple crimes related to his use of high-priced call girls. (Of course, he was prosecuted for none of those crimes.) Such reporting by the Albany Times Union is not surprising. Most journalists who work there are bitter about the fact that their journalistic careers have taken them no further than...the Albany Times Union. The TU is easily the most biased newspaper in America. The Albany Times Union hacks did not chronicle, Troopergate, they were participants. The newspaper was the all-too-eager recipient of the records fabricated by Spitzer's aides to smear Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. When publisher Rex Smith trotted out a statement from the Columbia Journalism Review defending the TU conduct in the Troopergate matter, Smith failed to mention that the TU Investigative Editor Bob Port is an adjunct professor at Columbia. Rex Smith himself said the TU has a "special relationship" with the Columbia Journalism Review in which it published students' stories. The New York Post did not, however, miss this. Even today, CJR attempts to defend the bias and lack of journalistic ethics of the Albany Times Union - clear co-conspirators with Spitzer's staff in the Troopergate matter Spitzer is still ranting about "excessive compensation" for NYSE Chairman Ken Grasso but doesn't seem to mind it when he forced Marsh McClennan to take Spitzer crony Michael Cherkasky as CEO of the Insurance giant and forced Marsh to acquire Cherkasky 's employer, Kroll and Co. at an hugely inflated price, both as conditions of settlement of charges against them. Cherkasky, ousted for incompetence shortly thereafter, left with a $30 million gold parachute. Excessive compensation, indeed. Even more incredibly, neither the Albany Times Union nor the New York Times point out that Spitzer is at the same time resisting the release of his emails as Attorney General pertaining to the AIG case. A whiff of hypocrisy? Why should Attorney General Cuomo's records be released while Attorney General Spitzer's should not? The facts matter, Mr. Spitzer.