One thing is for sure; The Citizens United decision has created the golden age for political consultants and operatives. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that as I approach my 60th birthday that all of the regulations and restraints on money in politics would be removed. Richard Nixon would be rolling in his grave. In essence, all the rules under which political candidates, parties and donors give have been repealed. It's the wild west of free speech and political communications and a new day in corporate political participation. Karl Rove is bathing in bathtubs of money. The Republicans are out-raising a sitting President. $220 million was raised by Super PACs up until June 1. George Steinbrenner, who was convicted of funneling corporate cash to Nixon, would just write a super PAC check today! Citizens United is a logical extension from where we've been. In Buckley v. Valeo, the courts ruled that the Federal Election law could not limit the amount a candidate could contribute to his or her own election (because it would be an infringement on free speech) but could limit another individual from contributing more than $1,000 - the Federal contribution limit at that time. Huh? What about the free speech rights of the donor in this case? Virtually all of the campaign finance abuses of Watergate would be legal today. No Mexican banks. No money laundering. No suitcases of cash. No hush money. Today, Nixon's wealthy personal and corporate contributors could write unlimited checks to Super PACs and a shady 501(c)3 and it would be perfectly legal. The "Old Man" would have loved it. As a Libertarian, I do believe the right to spend your money promoting your views as you wish is free speech; any attempts to limit that expenditure is an infringement of my free speech rights. I also believe more political dialogue is better than less political dialogue. Comedian Lewis Black had a superb rant on the Daily Show in which he complained that all the dueling campaign and Super PAC TV ads are lies. Lying in politics is as old as politics itself. Lincoln was accused of being of mixed race. Voters were told Catholic Al Smith would move the Pope into the White House. Franklin Roosevelt denied in 1940 that he was about to engage America in "any foreign wars." LBJ lied about the U.S. being attacked at Tonkin. At the end of the day, you have to rely on the good sense of the American people to assimilate and evaluate information and their sources. The alternative is to snuff out our free speech rights.