Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus announced that former Bush 41 White House Chief of Staff and New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, will chair the Committee on Rules and Order of Business at the Republican National Convention. The appointment is, of course, Mitt Romney's, raising serious questions about Romney's judgment and commitment to conservative principles. Just last week Sununu attacked President Obama saying he "needs to learn how to be an American." Clearly, Sununu is sucking up to the Romney entourage the same way he latched onto George H. W. Bush in 1998. Sununu later apologized for the cheap shot that probably hurt Romney more than it did Obama. After posing as a conservative to win public office in New Hampshire, John Sununu betrayed the Reagan revolution by convincing President George H. W. Bush to break his "read my lips - no new taxes" pledge. The New York Times' Nicholas Confessore said it best last Sunday: "Bush's Chief of Staff, John Sununu, was arrogant and dismissive, a self-appointed "deputy president." Politically tone-deaf, he believed voters would not punish Bush for breaking his "read my lips" pledge not to raise taxes, and he controlled access in order to enforce his own opinions, freezing out Bush's pollster and others when they disagreed." Sununu is also responsible for convincing Bush to appoint former New Hampshire Supreme Court Justice David Souter to the U.S. Supreme Court. Souter has joined the liberal block on every major issue since his appointment. Few men have done as much to hurt the conservative moment in America as John Sununu. In my 40 years in national politics through nine national presidential campaigns, I have never met a more arrogant, unprincipled, duplicitous, and self-important jerk than John Sununu. After you shake his hand, I suggest you count your fingers. In 1988, when I was working for Jack Kemp's presidential campaign, Sununu told me to my face that he had no commitment to then Vice President Bush the very same day Lee Atwater confirmed Sununu had committed to Bush long before. The lying Lebanese is skillful in his duplicity. No wonder former New Hampshire Supreme Court Justice Charles G. Douglas, III called him "pig-eyes." Sununu's appearance high in the Romney entourage demonstrates again that Romney is no conservative and that his rhetoric regarding spending and tax policy is just that - rhetoric. Conservative voters interested in real spending cuts, a balanced budget and federal debt reduction should consider former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who will be on the ballot in all 50 states as the Libertarian Party nominee.