The Appointment by the McCain campaign of Frank J. Donatelli as Deputy Chairman of the Republican National Committee was hailed by party activists across the country today. Donatelli, who served as a Regional Political Director for Ronald Reagan's 1980 campaign and served later in Reagan's White House political shop, is viewed as a low-key but highly skilled operative with deep roots in the Conservative movement. He served as Executive Director of Young Americans for Freedom in the 1970's. Donatelli is a founding member of the Moe Howard Society, an Intellectual and brew society dedicated to the philosopy and teachings of Moe Howard. Other Founding members include Tom Winter of Human Events and M. Stanton Evans, former boy editor of the Indianapolis Star. The super-secret far right group does not discuss it's activities or agenda. DonatelliDonatelli, a native of Pittsburgh, is a genial but disciplined pol with extensive Presidential campaign experience. Donatelli is seen as being able to provide the smooth coordination with the McCain camp required in this crucial period. The role of the RNC is particularly important given the limits on spending the McCain campaign may have due to the acceptance of Federal Matching Funds.