Conservatives took control of the Republican Party in 1964 and lost control of it permanently last week. The Romney/Beltway/Wall Street faction of the GOP, lead by Romney Counsel Ben Ginsburg, quietly jammed through 20 arcane rule changes to limit grass-roots conservative influence in the Party. Indeed, under the new rules Barry Goldwater could not have had his name put in nomination at the 1960 convention (in a moment of high drama Goldwater withdrew his name, throwing his support to Richard Nixon) and Ronald Reagan could not have had his name put in nomination at the 1976 convention. Conservative outsider Ron Paul was the first victim of the new rules; Convention officials refused to acknowledge or announce his duly won delegates votes from the podium during the roll call. When he got the requisite majority of delegates in five states required to place the Congressman's name in nomination and allow him to speak, Ginsberg quickly had the rule changed to require eight states. Conservatives cannot win a rigged game. The Party of Goldwater, Dirksen and Reagan is now the party of Romney, Sununu and exclusion. Win or lose on Election Day 2012, Romney Establishment domination of the GOP is assured as the increasingly old, white and no-longer Liberty-based party goes the way of the Whigs.