Once upon a time Republican National Chairmen were giants, Senator Bob Dole, George Bush, Bill Brock, Senator Hugh Scott, House Speaker Joe Martin, Congressman Len Hall. Who is this midget Reince Priebus with the Al Gore hair-do? Priebus told CNN that the candidacy of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was a "non-factor" in the coming election. Why then did the Republicans unleash an army of paid lawyers and shady private investigators to seek to block Johnson and the Libertarian Party from the ballot in Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, Michigan, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania? Why did ex-FBI agent Reynold Selvaggio, a private detective working for the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee, flash his badge at Johnson's Keystone state petition gatherers to intimidate them and, when intimidation didn't work, offer some of them cash bribes to sign statements claiming the signatures they collected weren't valid when the were? Why did Michigan Attorney General Bill Schutte seek to block Johnson from the state ballot in court when he serves double duty as the Michigan Romney campaign Chairman? Why did a Republican Federal Judge rule that Johnson could not be on the ballot in Michigan because it violates the states "sore loser "law which prohibits a candidate who ran in the Republican primary from appearing on the ballot as a candidate in the fall election, citing as his precedent John Anderson who ran in the 1980 Michigan Republican presidential primary and wasn't therefore allowed on the Michigan November ballot when the historical record shows Anderson was on the ballot in Michigan as an Independent party candidate in 1980? Why have the Republican spent so much time and expense in their mostly failed attempt to deny voters a third choice in November by blocking Johnson from the ballot. Despite the underhanded efforts by Reince Priebus and his cohorts, two term Governor Gary Johnson and his Vice Presidential running mate Judge Jim Gray, a distinguished former Federal prosecutor and California Superior Court Judge appointed to the bench by Republican Governor George Deukmejian, will likely be on the ballot in 48 states. A new PPP poll in North Virginia shows President Obama leading by 3% but has Governor Gary Johnson winning 4%. A Gravis Marketing Poll has Johnson at 10% in Ohio-these despite a virtual mainstream media blackout on his campaign since he announced his candidacy as a Libertarian last December. Indeed, the New York Times has mentioned Johnson exactly once in 2012 despite a 500 word piece on former Congressman Virgil Goode who is the candidate of the Constitution Party which is on the ballot in but 26 states which do not total the 270 electoral votes needed for election. Goode was polling at 1% in his native Virginia. Sadly, Chairman Priebus's greatest legacy may be Strategic Alliance Consulting, the criminal enterprise caught submitting fraudulent voter registrations in Florida and a half dozen other states. It was the Republican National Committee that pushed state Republican Parties to retain Strategic Alliance Consulting and pay them millions. Sadly the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, Goldwater and Reagan has become the party of fraudulent voter registrations disenfranchising voters and limiting voter choices. This is the party of Reince Priebus.