When Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Ruben used obscenity and guerilla tactics to oppose the war in Viet Nam, Liberals thought it was cool. When Mario Savio started the Filthy Speech movement at Berkley, Liberals thought it was fine. "One - two - three - four we don't want your f*cking war." In recent days Liberal commentators like Keith Olbermann, TPM and Eric Alterman have criticized me for my involvement in a 527 organization that has an unfortunate acronym. A careful read of the First Amendment will show that it constitutionally protects speech which is rude or distasteful to some. I have never discussed the 527 activities in the electronic media and my only "on record" comments were published in The Weekly Standard on 1/28/08 because while I think it's appropriate, fare for the Internet, it is essentially a site gag for those who believe in the First Amendment, not appropriate for discussion on TV while kids may be watching but certainly constitutionally protected speech. Eric Alterman criticized me also on MediaMatters.com for raising the question of "assassination" and "Senator Obama" by taking my comments out of context. I raised the question of Barack Obama's security as President of the United States if he met with the heads of Terrorist groups as he has pledged to do in this campaign. Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Taliban are not civilized nation-states that observe diplomatic niceties. I expected better reporting from Alterman, but then I bet he also under-values Roy "Little Jazz" Eldridge," one of the greatest jazz horn players of all time. How would Obama guarantee his security as President of the United States when meeting with people who are suicide bombers? It demonstrates the elitist naiveté of his liberal worldview. It is not a question of Obama's patriotism - it's a question of his judgment and his mindset. Now, when I correctly told the Associated Press that I thought Obama was both from the McGovern wing of his Party and part of the Blame America First crowd, Liberals screamed that I should be censored because of the activities of the 527. Alterman joined those who thought I should be gagged because he didn't like my brand of gonzo political activism. Liberals love free speech as long as it is only their's. As far as 527 committees to educate the American public, let a thousand special flowers bloom.