Barry Goldwater, a Republican, was notorious for his visionary thinking that resembles Libertarian views today. If he were alive today, I believe he would vote for neither Mr. RomneyCare nor Mr. Obama Care -- nay, he would vote for Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson is running under the Libertarian Presidential ticket for 2012, and was a former long life Republican and the former Republican Governor of New Mexico. Gary Johnson wants to end wars, and military members and their dependents are tired of wars. Indeed, military veterans have given a significant amount of their money to Ron Paul because Ron Paul has been a stalwart champion for wanting to end the wars that began under George W. Bush. It is a known fact that Mitt Romney wants to increase our war and Defense budget by $2.1 trillion even though our military has not asked for that money. And in that regard, let it be known that Obama isn't asking for a $2.1 trillion increase. Where is Romney going to get the money? From the tax payers of course. Will the Libertarian-Republicans of Arizona voters settle for Romney? Or will their innate and intrinsic rebelliousness set up the framework for a better candidate in 4 years? After all, it was Ronald Reagan who owed his Presidency to Barry Goldwater's revolution, wasn't it? Remember when the whacko far right winger Christians thought Obama would turn this Nation into a Muslim nation? It didn't happen. In fact, it was Obama who ensured the ending of Osama Bin Laden (extremist), right? As a former long life Republican (I left the GOP for good and am now an Independent voter for life), I had hoped Bush would have ended Osama Bin Laden but it didn't work out that way. Turns out, Osama Bin Laden wasn't even in Afghanistan when the Obama administration finally ended the OBL terror. Speaking of those whacko Christians, let's talk about those hypocritical Mormons who got on their pedestal and denounced the ousted Senator Russell Pearce (a Mormon and Bishop of the Church of Latter Day Saints). I watched Mormon leaders denounce Russell Pearce's self-deportation ideas that annihilated business development projects from an economic pro growth standpoint in Arizona, yet here they are praising Romney and his self deportation ideas that are completely protectionist and isolationist in every form. How is it that these Mormons who were lambasting Pearce last year are the same ones supporting Romney's self deportation ideas that emulates Russell Pearce's? SB1070 crushed millions and millions of dollars worth of business here in Arizona. Is that what we want from a national standpoint? Do you want Romney to crush trillions of dollars worth of business development across the Nation, too? Romney is already on the record for being a big fan of self-deportation. Every self-respecting business developer in Arizona will tell you how Pearce and his restrictionist ideas killed business growth here -- they lost out on millions, and according to the CATO Institute: "...Immigrants remain a source of economic and social vitality for the United States today as they have throughout our history..." So here it is .... we are 12 days from election day. Will the Barry Goldwater Republicans and/or the Arizona Libertarian-Republicans vote 8 years of Mr. RomneyCare, or will they allow 4 more years of Mr. ObamaCare as they cast their vote for Gary Johnson? We are on the brink of an independent revolution where there are more independents nationally than there are Democratic and Republican voters -- and the ground is fertile for a healthy revolution that will punish both Parties for their partisanship while ignoring what is in the best interest of Americans. Gary Johnson's name is on the ballot in at least 48 states, and we anticipate what numbers he will pull particularly in the southwestern part of the United States.
- Both held office in the Southwest, and were elected statewide: Goldwater a Senator from Arizona, Johnson the Governor of New Mexico - Both were successful businessmen prior to holding office, Goldwater running the department store "Goldwater's" and Johnson running Big J Enterprises - Both had their campaigns supported by William F. Buckley - Buckley was one of Goldwater's biggest supporters in the 1960s and also praised Johnson's 1998 presidential campaign - Both were raised Protestant Christians (Goldwater an Episcopalian, Johnson a Lutheran), both were not particularly religious and both stopped attending Church - Both loved the rural Western United States, Goldwater often went boating through the Grand Canyon and Johnson climbed many mountains in the Rockies - Both were fans of Ayn Rand, with Goldwater writing Rand a personal letter and Johnson telling his wife that if she was to understand - Both were strongly pro-choice and pro-gay marriage and voiced their opposition to social conservatism in the Republican Party - Both supported the legalization of marijuana, but made no mention of legalizing any other drugs - Both were not strict non-interventionists like Senator Taft or Congressman Paul, and favored military intervention in some cases
Finally, I leave you with this where Johnson refers to Romney and Obama as 'Tweedledum' and 'Tweedledee'.